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    Minority Report-like touch gestures

    Latest update now includes a sweet feature to help you determine your battery percentage from within a modern app!
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    Mac-like multitouch gestures

    I think you're looking for TouchMe Gesture Studio =] Microsoft News | Customize Your Very Own Touchscreen Gestures On Your Windows 8 Device Using TouchMe Gesture Studio, It?s Awesome
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    Minority Report-like touch gestures

    I think the author of the review was trying to convey that it doesn't work on WinRT. It will work on any Win8.1 touchscreen device.
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    Minority Report-like touch gestures

    Hey all, I just thought I'd share this app with you. It allows you to make custom touch gestures on your Windows 8.1 touchscreen PCs! Check out the brief review on SurfaceNews:Review: TouchMe Gesture Studio, Bring multi-touch to life! | Surface News