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    How to copy an file to new usb using cmd?

    copy "X:\folder\filename.ext" "Y:\folder" Obviously, substitute the generics above with your actual values, where X & Y are the driveletters for source & target. Keep the quotation marks.
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    Can't run any swf games by any player

    Note that Microsoft Update KB4577586 removes Flash capability from Windows systems. Maybe this is related?
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    Virtual drive deleted

    The sound you heard, is typical of a hard disk failing. I speak from experience. Hope you have your important files on backup?
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    Can/Should I delete SystemSettings.exe?

    If these files are not in these locations, then you can worry: C:\Windows\WinSxS\ C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel Looking at their properties, they are legit Microsoft. Advise to leave them alone.
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    Is Windows Defender enough for Windows 8.1 security?

    The person in front of the computer is the weakest link. Defender is merely a very capable tool to assist in security. When in doubt, I always double-scan downloaded files with a second anti-virus scanner.
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    Unable to recover SSD partition

    A long time ago, I bought a licence to R-Studio. I believe they also have a 'try-before-buy' option. Always had good experiences recovering data with this program, but have not yet tried it on a SSD.
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    Video Card or Power Supply :/ I just dont know

    92 degC for a video card seems very hot to me. Maybe check your cooling. Especially extraction fan(s). My wife has a R7-260; never gets hotter than 77 degC, even when hammering it with a very modded game. Best way to troubleshoot your problem would be to swap the main components out one by one...
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    How to move desktop folder location from C to D Drive???

    I have a 120 GB SSD and 'moved' my user folders to my D drive with the MKLINK junction command in an elevated prompt. Works as intended. in the command window, type help mklink for some info, but there are numerous instructions on Google.
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    AOE II Age of Kings - the ultimate catastrophe

    Due to your new rig having 12 GB RAM, I assume you now have a 64 bit o/s. Those very old games are most likely 16 bit; they will work on a 32 bit version of Win 8.1 under compatibility mode. However, if 16 bit, they will not work on a 64 bit operating system.
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    Age of Empires II a Gold Edition Install. Help?

    Expanding on LMiller7's post: Those very old games are most likely 16 bit; they will work on a 32 bit version of Win 8(.1) under compatibility mode. However, if 16 bit, they will not work on a 64 bit operating system.
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    Windows 10 Status as of July 2016

    I did the free upgrade from 8.1 to 10 ; played with it for a week; went back to 8.1. Happy & content! (10 is not for me ~ I like my Classic Shell 8.1)
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    hiding users folders from windows explorer dropbox

    You can use the info in this url: [Tips] Tweak and Customize Windows 8.1 Explorer ?This PC? - AskVG Worked for me.
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    free ftp program ? My current ws_ftp keeps crashing

    You could give this free FTP a go . . .
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    Is anyone able to see an 8.1 shared drive from XP?

    Sorry that I cannot help more. The only other thing that I can think of that I did on my 8.1 box, is that I use the "Classic Shell" 3rd party software, and I had to give "everyone" read+write permissions on the shares in 8.1. No problems on my side. You have the same username/password on both...
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    Can't see new 8.1 pro install drives from XP network

    On my XP/8.1 network, I use only a workgroup, as the XP machines cannot join the homegroup. Thus, to connect/access the shared directories on the 8.1 machines, I made the shared directories and their files accessible to 'everyone' with 'read+write' access. On the XP machine in Win.Explorer...