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    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    I installed it, but forgot to make a new partition, so I had to do a recovery, which didn't work, then I tried a Delete Everything type recovery, then reinstalled Windows 8 on a new partition
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    Solved No Windows 8 (CP) bootloader after install

    Get rid of Windows 8, and extend the old partition, make a new partition that's about 30GB, then insert the USB/Disk that has Windows 8 Installer when you start your computer, press Custom Install, and select the Windows 8 partition, and install it, then take the USB when it's about to restart...
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    Bootloader still shows up after deleted partition

    Do a recovery of Windows 7, download the USB/Disk Creator Tool, and use that to burn/copy the iso file to the Disk/USB, the insert, and press upgrade, that should upgrade it
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    Windows 8 Shows Desktop Will Go the Way of the Dodo

    My favorite part of W8 is the picture password, and I like the Start Menu, the only thing is my resolution only goes up to 1280x600, which sucks
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    Windows 8 with age of empires?

    Does AoE 1 work? Me and my friend play multiplayer on that one when he's here
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    Ah, I could always just play it on Windows 7
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    Windows 8 M1 blank desktop wallpaper problem

    Did you save the theme?
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    Windows 8 cant find my Graphics card

    Well if you have Windows 7 you can go to run and type "dxdiag" and it'll tell you everything about your computer
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    Solved Screen Resolution Not offered

    Why would you want to use a lower resolution?
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    Any tweak to bypass screen resolution requirement

    I have a netbook which only supports 1280x600, which I think that the requirement is gay, another way for companies who sell PCs to make money off of people who can't support that resolution