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    Solved Please give me reasons why i should use Windows 8.1 over 7

    Btw, you can run Classic Shell on Windows 7 too. It's better than the Windows 7 Start Menu as well.
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    Solved Can't get rid of charms and clock on 8.1; tried everything

    Yes it's perplexing. There has to be a way to disable them. Btw what is your version of Synaptics drivers? You could try installing a different one? You said above you tried registry tweaks so I guess you already tried this (have you tried adding to both keys, TouchPadPS2 and TouchPadPS2_1?)...
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    Solved Can't get rid of charms and clock on 8.1; tried everything

    Have you also disabled them via Classic Shell's Start Menu settings -> Windows 8.1 Settings tab -> Disable active corners to All?
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    Solved Can't get rid of charms and clock on 8.1; tried everything

    Here's how you can disable the trackpad swipes which activate the charms: How to disable Metro edge swipes and touch charm gestures for trackpads (touchpads) in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 | Winaero
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    Solved Custom Cursors

    Nice cursors Hopachi. I do hope you make more extra extra large ones of the built-in Windows Aero theme.
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    Start Menu - Restore in Windows 8

    Thank you I made that chart and tried to keep it an unbiased, objective comparison. :) Btw if you are not satisfied with Classic Shell's menu glass color not 100% matching the Taskbar color, then I made a free skin with an installer for it. That modded skin matches the Start Menu color with the...
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    How to Change Taskbar Thumbnail and List Mode Threshold

    Here's how: Tweak the taskbar in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7 with hidden secret registry settings | Winaero
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    GUID - Generate in Windows

    Cool trick. PowerShell is capable of doing so many things!
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    Love Windows 8 (8.1) but hate no shutdown/restart button?

    Well it looks like after installing the February 2014 Update Rollup, shutdown from Win+X menu is a hybrid one: Shutdown time is longer when shutting down from the Start hint context menu in Windows 8.1
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    Love Windows 8 (8.1) but hate no shutdown/restart button?

    Btw just for note, if you shut down by right clicking the Start button in Windows 8.1, it always does a full shutdown so it will always take long to boot. If you shut down using Alt+F4 on the desktop, using a Start Menu or using Win+I, it does a hybrid shutdown.
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    Solved Can I sell my Windows 8 Pro (Upgrade) disc + serial?

    Out of curiosity, what bugs or problems did you face with Classic Shell? I ask so they can be fixed. Btw, I agree with your opinion of Windows 8. They took many steps backwards from Windows 7.
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    Frustrated with search!

    If it helps you guys, I wrote a detailed article on how the Classic Shell Start Menu's search box works here: Classic Shell ? View topic - Search box usage for beginners as well as power users (it clarifies what all requires indexing, what doesn't) and lists the Advanced Query Syntax of Windows...
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    It's a superset of Start8 that does much more than just bringing back the Start Menu - all for the cost of FREE. Plus anything you don't need can be turned off
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    Solved Classic shell

    Make sure you are downloading Classic Shell from the correct website (www.classicshell.NET) and not
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    8.1 start button graphic

    Do you like this one?: Classic Shell Forum - Windows 8 Start Button with Glow (White)