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    Start Menu Toolbar - Create on Windows 8 Taskbar

    I wanted to find this 'Win+X' edit before, but found it here while looking for a Start Button replacement
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    How to load more programs in WIN+X menu?

    I know this is an old thread, but wanted to thank Brink - it will be useful for me too.
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    How to open .wps files.

    Amen to this - I've been trying to convert|read my old *.WPD files from WordPerfect 5.1+, which cannot be run in Windows 8 ! This thread seems to have sent me in the right direction - There IS hope here
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    Windows 8 First Impressions

    I've been using the Briefcase in Windows 8 for over a year, on a removable drive. I also have an occasional Explorer crash, which is almost always referenced in the Event log as a syncui.dll issue. This seems to occur most often when I perform certain file management tasks from within the...