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    Snapshot based backup software.

    Have you looked at 'Second Copy' ? , paid for but well worth it... Automatic backup software - secure data with Second Copy
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    Solved Error trying to upgrade 8.0 pro 64bit to 8.1 pro.

    I managed in the end , I did a clean boot , Microsoft services only and it updated just fine... I have no idea what was blocking the upgrade as there was nothing there I could see that SHOULD have affected it.
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    Solved Error trying to upgrade 8.0 pro 64bit to 8.1 pro.

    It's been such a long time since I did this on my PC , I've forgotten all the tricks and tips to get it to work... hoping someone can help... I'm trying to upgrade my sons PC from 8.0 pro (64) to 8.1 using the store... It downloads the file and during the initial install (bar moving along...
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    Windows 8.1 Activation failed on cloned drives

    What Antilope said , OEM copies are only supposed to be used on the PC it was originally installed on , if you change the MB , that's not considered the same PC , you'd have to buy a full copy
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    Net 3.5 , windows 8 , 64 bit - unable to install

    Just an update , 3 days of trying and I had to admit defeat , I gave up and restored his system back to win 7 as he needed his PC back. I checked the package that SFC was using to check for net 3.5 and it came up thats net 3.5 was disabled, removed. So the actual files weren't even there ...
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    Net 3.5 , windows 8 , 64 bit - unable to install

    This one has me scratching my head..... Just upgraded my sons PC to win 8.1 64 bit , updated with a clean install.. We need Net 3.5 , but of course....can't download and install.... We try using control panel , windows features , but it keeps reporting that it's not connected to the internet...
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    Windows 'Threshold' tech preview around late September

    Thats an easy answer : business customers....they desperately want businesses to switch from XP
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    Facebook App automatic logout

    I don't think you can with the app , but using firefox , you can add an addon that logs you out of facebook after so many seconds of inactivity. Facebook Auto-Logout Expires Session 60 Seconds After Tab Is Closed [Firefox] There may be equivalents for other browsers.
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    Solved bsod after reducing available RAM for startup

    If you can post the boot.ini we could probably tell you which line you need to re-edit , you can always boot a linux CD and edit the file that way.
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    Computer wakes from sleep every 15 minutes.

    I know it says 'without waking system' on first 2 options..but try turning those OFF and see it it stops waking up then.
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    Solved File History error

    It's probably that , you can't use an external drive to save file history for more than one PC , how would the system then know which PC the saved files belongs'd end up confusing the poor thing...
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    Avira Virus and malwarebytes downloads stopped by malware

    1) try booting in safe mode to do the download / install 2) get someone else/use another PC to download and create a bootable DVD/USB stick with the AV on it.
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    How often should I perform maintenance on Windows?

    Same here , but daily 'data/picture' file backups and monthly system image backups.
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    installing a game from a iso getting an error"Please in...

    Red Alert 3 : Uprising is £9-99 on steam and I think it was on offer recently for £3-99 or even bundled with more for a donation of £5-00 to humble bundle a little while back..
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    Splitting headphones and speakers to play separate sounds?

    Good, glad it worked for you. I'm on UK time here so missed your update till now :)