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    Solved If I clone my OS, does it stay valid?

    Yes, your OS should work OK on the SSD if you make a direct clone of it from the hard drive drive. My normal backup routine is to clone my main system drive, which is an SSD, to a hard drive and I can boot from either drive. If my SSD dies or becomes infected/corrupted I reboot into the backup...
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    Windows 8.1 checks for updates and nothing happens

    Myself and several other users on this forum have had similar issues with update just checking and not actually doing anything and the solution that worked well is provided in this link at post 23 by bummpr; Windows Update stuck at "Checking for Updates"
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    KB2267602 fails to install

    Thanks for your reply, I can see where you are coming from with this. However the thing I can't work out is how to change some of those setting in services. I have never really understood all this administrator stuff, but I thought i was administrator of my local account. So in the meantime, I...
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    KB2267602 fails to install

    I have also noticed that KB2267602 is showing up in windows update from today. Beats me why because I have had Avast installed from day 1 on this computer, although I have just updated to their latest release (.2215) over the weekend. I wonder if the current Avast release has triggered the...
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    KB3000850 fails to install with error code 800F0922

    I have been delaying this update for ages after reading all the negative comments on it's installation and the problems and error messages associated with it. Finally bit the bullet this afternoon and had a crack at installing it after doing the mandatory image of the boot drive first. Much to...