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    Solved In what folder is this file saved to?

    Mystery Solved...Thanks! Thanks for all the replies. I appreciated each of them very much. I read up on it and from what I can surmise one can only place FOLDERS into the library. Windows itself creates the singualr 'desktop.ini' files. So when saving a file one must first choose any...
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    Solved In what folder is this file saved to?

    I bring up the file Save As dialogue box as shown below for a Notepad txt file. I name it and click Save. But it is no where to be found. Where exactly is the Folder called Libraries located?
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    Modern Mail App-Redundant files?

    Wondering allowed? A simple question. What could possibly be the reason for such redundancy? 15 copies of the same document, in the same folder...
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    just cannot figure out how to burn/copy Favorites onto CD

    A thousand words? Hold down the Windows key and tap the letter 'e' Then 'browse' to the proper Folder, which in my case is c:\Users\Play\ [as noted just right of the yellow folder icon. Then highlight Favorites and Send To your burner. Then per caperjack's pic choose either the...
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    Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

    Thanks! Not giving up just yet....but :) Nope :( Deleted all users but me Unjoined my Home Network Still no check box. Will try a few other things, then go with the nuclear option. It always seems to work with any software related problem...haha ps...Thanks for the heads up on...
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    Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

    Other mess while trying to fix the old mess...ha ha. No sir, I am not part of a domain. I am part of a group. The group's name is "Village Idiots." We interpret text is a strange ways. When we see a setting to exclude the last name at logon, we assume that it will exclude the last name...
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    Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

    Check box has gone missing? What now? No matter which user is hightlighted, the results are the same. There is no check box to check or uncheck Yours.... Mine... TIA Windunce
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    Password request frequency is slightly alarming

    As of late , after awaking from sleep mode, the Action Center is requesting me to re-enter my password. I am clueless as to why this is happening. The only change is that I cancelled my MS Office 365 [P6] subscription. Maybe the unlinking? of [[email protected]] from...
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    Anybody else tired of hearing these lame Win 8 complaints?

    Are questions complaints? I would love to use the Modern/Metro interface exclusively. But it is not, nor do I believe it will EVER BE ready for prime time. Let me pose a question about a simple OS task using the Modern interface. How do I browse hidden folders? Answers anyone...
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    Steve Ballmer confesses Microsoft built too many tablets

    Reality BYTES the big one :( I get email from Staples. The subject line in today's mail was as follows: "It has arrived!" So I opened it and then clicked on 'SHOP'. I guess they already sold out their allotment of ??? 100,000 ??? Hey, though reality bites, you just HAVE to keep...
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    Skype-Modern App

    Up Up and Away? Open the Modern Skype app. Left click on your user picture and it will open the 'Modern Browser?/File Explorer' to the My Pictures folder. Then just click "Go up" twice and then choose Computer. Once there click C: then Users then Your User Name You are then at...
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    Skype-Modern App

    Skype-Modern App Ok, I'm using the Modern Skype app and I want to change my picture. So I click on my user pic and I am taken to My Pictures folder. But I don't wanna be there, so I "Go Up" to the Users Folder and click/open Play. But I do not see App Data listed. What I would like to...
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    Favorite password manager?

    EXCEL lent? I've been using a password protect workbook since??? they let you password protect them. I have to remember one single STRONG password and it opens up the workbook and all other site/program passwords are sorted a-z within the single worksheet. Knot\shure/If Diz PW iz...
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    Can't Install Windows 8 on Replacement Hard Drive from Del

    Let Dell do the dirty work :) IF you still are entitled to Dell Support, call them and have them 'take control' of your computer. The software they use does not loose connection after a re-boot. If you have a second telephone tell him/her the number and have them call you back when they...
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    Solved How To Create a Windows 8.1 (Preview) System Image

    Fly in the ointment? Yup, as noted in capture, still a no go. Plus [and it ain't no biggie] when restoring from an 8 install and pointing to the Blue image I get an error, so I have to reboot from the Blue ISO and then choose 'Repair Computer' and then Blue overwrites 8Pro. Yet I...