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    Solved Windows 8.1 New Start Button - Add Functionality

    I had several issues with it when I installed it last, can you confirm these have been fixed. #1 On tablets when you rotate to side and then to the top of the screen it rotates as expected but then will be stuck and you can never rotate back to the bottom, side to side works but you can never...
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    A separate sub-forum for W8.1 ?

    True that! :) -WS
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    Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?

    Just enter a fake email address and then it will offer to let you make a local account. :) -WS
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    Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?

    Yup, I was hoping for a Windows 7 Start button so Windows 8.1 would be a desktop option for many of us. Hoping MS will change this in the GOLD version. -WS
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    Five reasons Windows 8.1 is a winner

    @KarterJK I will add missing a better functional on-screen keyboard. Some of us need F5 F4 etc. Ugh! I also don't like how they change the app store, it was much better before. I hope MS tweaks this a lot more before the GOLD release. -WS
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    Whoa that is amazing!
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    Reputation and Badges

    Green is always good. :)
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    What version of Microsoft Office do you use?

    I put 2007 because I use that at home alot, but at work I use them all, so I don't know if that is a good vote. :) Older than Office XP Office XP (Office 2002) Office 2003 Office 2007 Office 2010 Office 2013
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    Which Browser Do You Use?

    IE or FireFox, don't use Chrome too much spyware in it, wish it didn't log everything you do, UGH!
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Amazing Song! -WS
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    Self-made Windows 8 Wallpapers

    Very nice. Looks really good. Now I want to make it the start up for my Win8 box. The baby blue is not very thrilling. :) -WS
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    Classic Start 8 Make Windows 8 Have a Start Orb

    @dirtyvu I am being very polite by not adding this to another thread or forcing my thread into someone elses plus I am obeying the rules and making a new thread for a new topic or in this case software. Thanks for reading.
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    Solved Am I activated or not?

    MS may be having issues or doing upgrades. I have had some web pages not display from and the (SysInternals) TechNet site was down with SQL server issues. I would wait a few hours and try again. -WS
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    Intel ICH10R Controller:ACHI Registry Listing omitted

    Boot WinPE or any Live *IX DVD and manually edit the registry on your computer to add the registry key back. Done this a few times works well. -WS
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    How many rigs do you have ?

    Too much to list, about 15 Workstations (PCs), 3 Servers, 5 Laptops/Notebooks. Windows XP (x86 and x64), Windows 7 (x64), Windows 8 (x64), Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64), Windows Server 2012 (x64), and Ubuntu (x86 and x64). -WS