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    New touch gesture to close metro apps

    Amazing, and good worK!
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    Two different Windows Update functions

    o, yea, I almost forgot it is developer preview, lol!
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

    wow, thx.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview release

    I will get my computer protected! Thank you!
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    New Norton 360 Public Beta Free Version

    Thank you for telling me. I dont know about it ealier
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    Working Antivirus for Win8

    What about ESET?
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

    may I know whats the difference between 11 Stable and 11.2 Beta? Any improvements?
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    Two different Windows Update functions

    Wow, a big problem! I had it too, before, any solutions, please, anyone?
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    Windows Updates available for Windows 8 Developer Preview

    I wonder why they require updates when they are releasing new builds that have updates pre-installed in it. Can anyone answer me, please?
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    Windows8 StartMenu gadget

    wow, perfect. Now it looks much nicer and better. I hope it does not slow down my system!
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    Skype 5.5 for Windows update: Support for Windows 8

    Thank you. I took a really short time to get it installed and working!
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    iTunes Wont detect ipad/iphone etc

    Detecting ipad or iphone requires a hardware. Maybe that hardware is spoilt. try looking at this: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2415930?start=0&tstart=0
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    Who's using SkyDrive?

    I used skydrive before, but I know I cannot upload files more than a file limit, therefore, I stopped using it.
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    Adobe cs5.5 Master collection install - nearly 4 hours to complete!!!

    Found that strange. It runs fast when installing Adobe Master Collection was a breeze, about 30 minutes, the maximum. This might be a cause of the space in your computer, how much space is left after installing Adobe Master Collection?
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    iTunes 10.5 Released

    wow! The new features like iCloud is great! Those who are using Lion OSX can get the iCloud storage for free.