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    Using second graphics card causes high CPU usage DWM.exe

    Assuming that you are not running these cards in SLI due to the age, why are you using multiple cards? The single GT610 is capable of displaying output to 2 monitors at once. See -- drivers - How to get dual monitor set up with NVIDIA Geforce GT 610 - Super User The problem with using multiple...
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    Windows 8.1 will be getting nearly 30 patches later today

    I must admit, my machine is set to install all windows updates (Except the Windows 10 preparation), and i've yet to run into any issues with the latest patches.
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    Watch Dogs Start Orb - Start8/StartIsBack

    Yup completed it on my first try, was a laugh really. Although i just enjoy getting the police to crash into other cars, the reactions from the AI are very funny. Have you tried working with rainmeter? Creating a Watchdogs desktop would be amazing.
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    Watch Dogs Start Orb - Start8/StartIsBack

    Apart from the HUGE bugs with AMD / nVidia drivers at the moment, i have to agree with you! Apparently you need 4GB of VRam to play at ultra, which really sucks. Must say i am enjoying the little gimicks from the profiler... 'Zombie Fetish' :p
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    Acer Aspire XC-603G-UW31 Windows Downgrade Problem.

    Doesn't this affect your statutory rights? You bought a machine to do what you wanted to with it, yet they locked it and will not allow you to use it for the purpose it was purchased? Satisfactory quality, As Described, Fit for purpose, And last a Reasonable length of Time. Nicked from...
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    Restart Time

    I have mine down to about 12 seconds to boot up from cold, and about 15 from reboot. Can't post at the moment because work. But still, it is shocking to see numbers this high after it's been out this long! Does noone else really play with the start-up services?
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    Solved Can't open NViDIA

    Unfortunately, Geforce Experience is really buggy at the moment, Have you tried killing the service, then reopening it?
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    Watch Dogs Start Orb - Start8/StartIsBack

    Awesome work there Jarminx! What do you think of the game?
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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Quite a few 16 bit games run under windows 8.1 now, if they don't just throw the windows 7 compatibility at them! TA, C&C, Populous...
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    Reputation and Badges

    Badges, badges everywhere!
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    The Metro hater's guide to the Windows 8.1 Preview

    I really do want to just add this in, I am using a custom 3rd party software which has disabled metro and given me back the start menu, and for the running and general speed of an OS, windows 8 feels more responsive then any other system, especially on an SSD. This is how MS should have...
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    Hardware Upgrade

    Hey all, So basically i have just ordered a new CPU/Mobo combo, so i will be moving from my Q6600 Core2/P5G41T-M LX3 to the new i5 3570k/P8Z77-v LX. I hope this is a good setup to get, considering my GPU seems to be slightly bottlenecked and the CPU is only a few years old now. Anyway, as to...
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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Since 2007 Search Results for "Gears" -
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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Good link buddy, however that list is for the Release Preview, and not for the RTM version. So some games may not work whilst some may on that version, and on the RTM it may change due to different things.
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    Keep One Change One [7]

    Truthful Lies