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    Any new big update on pipeline for Win8.1?

    Personally, I never bothered with it in 8.1 either. I did have it installed in 8, but when 8.1 came out I decided to persevere without CS. Mine's set to use All Apps as the start menu (I never see the start page). I also have Quick-Launch enabled. Works just fine. Wenda.
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    Any new big update on pipeline for Win8.1?

    I must really be a minority, cos i adore W8.1 :party: I loved 7, but didn't like 8 that much unless it was loaded with 3rd-party customisations. But 8.1 is a cracker, and those who bypassed it have missed a truly great OS. I did run W10 Pro since last May as my primary OS, but am back...
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    Are We Dying????

    One year to the day since a W10 beta first hit my Virtual-Box, and 7 months since W10 became my main OS, I am back on 8.1 - I was always a bit disillusioned with W10, and that had grown with time, not diminished. Being back on W8.1 is like meeting an old friend you haven't seen for a while -...
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    Woke Up and Found Win10 Upgrade already Download

    Yes, you should be able to. And yes, an upgrade install will let you keep (just about) everything. Wenda.
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    Woke Up and Found Win10 Upgrade already Download

    Just mount the ISO, then run setup.exe, that's all I did. Worked fine. It's an upgrade over a Win 10 beta build upgrade (10162-on-8.1 Pro). And no, I have no intention of doing a clean install at this stage, it takes at least two full days to rebuild my setup from scratch, then more...
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    Happy Xmas everyone

    Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a top New Year! Wenda.
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    Solved Upgrade from 7 pro 64 bit to 8 pro - nothing kept

    A good bit of advice, and not just for 8/8.1, I killed a Win 7 setup on this laptop once by not disconnecting the 2nd drive. I was trying to replace the factory setup (with all the associated carp) with a clean installation, and Setup swapped drives on me (no, it didn't ask, and I didn't tell it...
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    Computer Repair Under Warranty Question?

    I bought an Acer Aspire T310 desktop machine (the first time I'd purchased an Acer product) in early 2006, which had a faulty DVD/CD burner. I contacted the repair centre and they assured me that if i sent it in they'd replace the drive. The service centre was (and is) about 80km away, and it...
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    Solved How to Upgrade from 8.1 Retail to 8.1 OEM?

    That's why I love system images, Alpha... always dead easy to go back (assuming the image you restore is a good one - I have struck a bad one occasionally). Wenda.
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    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    Thanks for the tip, Alpha! I'll bear that in mind for future installations. :thumbsup: Cheers... Wenda.
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    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    An operation to partition the C drive on my brother's new Toshiba UEFI-equipped laptop, while it all appeared to have worked OK, then refused to allow the machine to re-boot. None of the repair, reset, refresh, system restore operations would run. And no, he hadn't created any recovery media...
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    Solved Factory install borked, no product key. What now?

    Well, it worked. Followed the tut to get a bootable USB installer, and it virtually fell onto his drive. No hassles re product keys, and it activated as soon as we connected it to the net. And he has the two partitions he originally wanted, and which caused the whole problem in the first...
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    Solved Factory install borked, no product key. What now?

    Thamks, Alpha. I did see that tutorial while looking for a solution myself, quite a while after I posted this, and intend to try that for him today. Main worry was the lack of a PK, but now that I know it's hidden in UEFI BIOS, should be a straight- forward fix. I've never had (and don't...
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    Solved Factory install borked, no product key. What now?

    Brother's new laptop has a 750GB drive, he wanted to partition it into two equal halves. All went well, and everything appeared to be a success. Until he re-booted. And of course it wouldn't. Repair attempts all failed. It wouldn't perform any of the reset or refresh options nor would...
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    Windows is not the desktop and why Windows RT isn't dead

    No desktop? No multiple, infinitely-resizeable windows? No cloud-independence? Sorry. No interest. Wenda.