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    Buying a new WQHD Monitor

    Hi, I plan on buying a new WQHD Monitor (2560x1440). I mostly work using Remote Desktop, i.e. a connect to a remote PC in a different country. Of course there is a lag working that way, currently I work in 1920x1080, as the content needs to be transferred to my local PC in order to be...
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    winload.efi missing or corrupted when booting from USB

    Hi, I have Win 8.1 installed on my PC. I wan't to format the drive and do a clean install of Win 8.1 again. I've created a Win 8.1 Pro bootable USB using Rufus as described on this site. I am doing an install in UEFI mode as I wan't to use my SSD native encryption as it is Microsoft eDrive...
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    Unlock secondary BitLocker encrypted drive

    Hi, I have 2 drives on my PC. One SSD where Windows 8.1 is installed and a secondary HDD for movies and stuff. The SSD is Microsoft edrive compliant so I just enabled BitLocker encryption and set a password, i.e. Pass1. Later I also encrypted the secondary HDD and DID NOT save the recovery...