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    Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

    If the computer is asleep, it has to wake up in order to go into hibernation. Counterintuitive, yes. So maybe it is waking then unable to hibernate.
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    Stuck at POST screen and other odd symptoms

    Today my friend turned the computer on it worked. Thanks for the tips, if it fails again I will try those. It is a discrete video card, btw.
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    Stuck at POST screen and other odd symptoms

    My friend's Alienware desktop started showing a blank display, no imagery at all. The power light on the monitor would turn blue when first booted, then in a few seconds go to orange and the display would say "no signal". The monitor works fine when connected to another computer. The monitor is...
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    Wifi keeps going limited, fixed by turning wifi off and on

    I would try using an external USB wifi adapter, as a test. You can buy them pretty cheaply. If it exhibits the same behavior, then I would try booting to a Linux boot disc and see if the issue occurs there. If it does, then there is a hardware issue in the computer. If not, it would seem...
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    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    OK thank you both for the info.
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    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    Thanks, Brink. I've read through that tutorial now, and have more understanding of it. I will have to give this all a tryout. Has the Refresh function been reliable for people, generally working without any problems? Thanks
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    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    OK thanks. I've always avoided Refresh because I assumed it was not as complete of a restoration as Reset, so I always chose to backup the user files and then select Reset. Is it correct to assume that a Refresh will move the user files to a safe place, completely restore the hard back to the...
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    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    I'd like to try creating a custom image. I see in the instructions it says; Note that you cannot reset your PC using a custom recovery image. Custom recovery images can only be used to refresh your PC. I want to be clear on the difference between reset and refresh. Are they essentially the...
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    Mail password

    It depends on the email provider. If it is Cox or Comcast, it is easy to contact their support and fix this, Godaddy, etc, too. If it is a free hotmail, Gmail, etc, if you set up a backup email contact it is not too hard to change password, just go the their website and look for a "forgot your...
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    new pc

    Have you created a recovery drive in case this process goes south for you?
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    Laptop waking from sleep when closed - bad for screen?

    Maybe this can help you How To Prevent Your Computer From Waking Up Accidentally
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    Locking up, spontaneous reboots, after clean install

    My friend's Dell desktop was locking up for about 2 or 3 minutes, then working again. Or it would reboot spontaneously. I ran chkdsk /r, it found only minor errors in phase 4, (file system errors). I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, 8 passes, no errors. I did a clean reinstall of Win 8.1, the same...
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    the default gateway is not available Ethernet

    I would suspect either the adapter is bad, has a newer driver available, or it just needs to be uninstalled/re installed. Also check in Device Manager - go to the properties for the adapter and make sure the Power tab does not allow the device to go to sleep. Maybe check the USB ports in the...
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    Solved formatted hardisk <gpt to mbr format> lost all data

    I don't know if the tools I used would help after a reformat. But I would remove the hard drive from the computer, put it in a hard drive enclosure, connect it to another computer, and run recovery software on that computer, such as The Best Data Recovery Software | MiniTool Power Data...
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    System Image - Create in Windows 8

    You can test it without actually doing a restore. Just go into the Restoration dialog and see if it detects the images. Then cancel the process.