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    Rumour: Win9 RTM October 2014....????

    Hopefully version 9 will fix the issues brought on by windows 8. Even with windows 8.1 it didn't fix most of the issues with windows 8 such as visual cues and a more friendly UI. The metro is fine for touch but if you are using a mouse to navigate the control panel and such it was much easier...
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    Windows 8.1 Start button may not offer actual Start menu

    I didn't miss the start button. But, I did miss the functionality of it. The start screen is not laid out in such a way unless you lay it out yourself to get you to what you need. The new button is basically a wasted opportunity to have a new more user-friendly way of bringing up the menu to go...
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    Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirm

    This is so stupid it is like that rebrand of Metro(which quite frankly was horrible) this and metro are one of the few brand names by Microsoft that actually sound nice. They should just let Microsoft keep it look at metro turning into what was it modern? I hope this one isn't Cloud Drive or...
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    The Metro hater's guide to the Windows 8.1 Preview

    Triangular tiles? I hope not I mean maybe it's more interesting than square tiles but tiles in general are just really large boxy icons. Oh well. They need to work on making this windows 8 work better on desktop. I don't mind the tiles so much anymore although I frankly don't prefer them as it...
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    Windows 8.1 Start button shown in leaked screenshots

    I heard that this is basically a button for the start screen. This is good but also confusing. It would have been better for it to bring you to the hidden menu.
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    Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8.1

    I think they are trying to create the same start menu environment as they had in the desktop but perhaps without the actual start menu(replicating the experience of it.) In windows 8 a lot of the visual hints are hidden such as all ease of access of the start menu.
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    Microsoft posts details of next Windows Phone 8 update

    There is a lot more they need to work on to make windows phone even better. Windows phone could be even better if the tiles were animated and not just show you updates. Feature-wise it needs better organization for apps and such. Hopefully these things and other issues will be addressed.
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    Windows Blue gets official name: Windows 8.1

    They really went all out on this name. The codename is actually better in this case. Now they just keep naming stuff with numbers. Although I guess that's easier for people to keep up.
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    Start button to re-appear in Windows Blue (From W7 Forum)

    If this is true this will be great especially if we don't have to go to the metro screen at all. However as someone stated earlier the issue is not the start button being gone but the visual cues and place where it's easy to navigate. The start screen works well in touch but it relies too...
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    Internet Explorer 10 almost doubles its users...

    It's good that IE 10 was released for windows 7. IE 9 was lacking but it seems a lot of websites have issues with IE 10 maybe those issues existed previously as I haven't really used IE on a regular basis for years now.
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    Windows 8.1 Coming in June

    Hopefully everything is tested. I do like that they are taking a faster approach to updating. I always thought they took too long between XP and Vista. Vista didn't feel as significant of an update as it should have been. Hopefully these mini-updates won't be disappointing and hopefully not long...
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    Microsoft's Office 'Gemini': Windows Blue's twin

    I like the new logo for office out of all the ones they've made for office this is one of the only one that relates to their program. The individual program icons aren't as great compared to it but that's fine. The design of the programs itself shoe a better version of what their desktop could...
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    Deep inside Windows Blue: 10 coolest features

    It's a great idea to update it with these features. I wish they would work more on the apps though. The music app is lacking and the media player itself is lacking. I mean they need to work on what comes right out of the box. The media player hasn't been updated for a while. I know people will...
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    Windows Blue - small look at leaked build 9364

    I'm glad there are updates but these are things that should have been there since the launch of windows 8 which means windows 8 was not quite ready at launch. The 50% side by side thing with metro stuff should have been there since the beginning. I've used it in the 1/3 and 2/3 format and it's...
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    Let's tell MS what we think of Windows 8

    That's nice now we can all tell them what we think. Maybe they will fix most of their issues with windows blue. Hopefully that gets released soon.