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    Solved Windows Update Never Completes

    Windows Update hangs Old thread on the issue. You may use the search at top of page for more. I am having same issue after recent installation of 8.1.
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    Windows Defender Latest Eval

    Not intending to rekindle the debate, but I experienced a recent trojan attack by clicking on a search result using WD. My system was infiltrated with over 100 pups/advertisements/browser hijacked. While I accept responsibility for being aware of suspicious links, many AVs would have...
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    weired chrome behaviour

    Try to reset or reinstall Chrome ?
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    Internet Explorer does not offer saving passwords

    Have you reset IE ? (InternetOptions/Advanced/Reset) I would choose the first option and then if not successful "Delete Personal Settings" option. IE needs to be restarted after. If not, disable your tracking protection, extensions, and AV one-by-one to see if that could be the culprit...
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    Backup and restore IE passw from 7 to 8.1

    Not to my knowledge, but others may opine. Not to derail, but you have decided Win10 not for you ? Can always upgrade later to 8.1. (Diff machine ? your specs say you are running 8.1)
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    Should I be worried!

    Gyazo is a screen capture extension you may have inadvertently downloaded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyazo Try AdW Cleaner for pups and sfc/scannow for damaged files. https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/ https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/...
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    Solved My computer is infected with a virus that hides folders

    Chrome updating properly ? Reinstall Chrome an option ?
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    cannot open files attached in emails

    Have you paused your AV to see if this could be a problem ? If no answer here, the Chrome/GMail Forums may be of assistance.
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    Solved Google Chrome - text spacing issue when typing

    Random thoughts: Does problem also occur with IE ? Has your key board received moisture or need cleaning ? May want to remove and check connection. May also try to reset or reinstall Chrome.
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    Small Shield In corner of my downloads

    Please clarify: - The download has a shield which contains an app ? Or what app are you running ? - Why do you want to disable firewall ? - Have you scanned with your AV ? - In the interim, run AdwCleaner https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/
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    Solved Internet Explorer is out of date... REALLY?

    Not KYHI, but most use the free version download. If you have downloaded the pro version, it will expire automatically if you do not select the option to purchase.
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    Sticking to 8.1

    I have been running Build 10240 which reportedly is the last preview and RTM. - My limited opinion is (1) rendering is noticeably better - like having the latest HD device (2) less resources on my i3, 4GB, laptop. (3) seems slighty faster and smoother. - The above pros are when using...
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    Windows Update left system restore unusable

    SFC/scannow is a command prompt, not a software download. Refresh is good option to insure registry is back to specs. As stated, many advise against registry cleaners.
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    Sticking to 8.1

    Critique/pre-review of Win10 from PC World. Disappointed in his review of Edge. Nadella was quoted as saying "Win 10 will save the Windows Phone." My dream OS would be one for a PC only that could be synced to a phone, but then I am old enough to be many of you guys Dad. :)...
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    Windows Update left system restore unusable

    Try sfc/scannow to repair possible corrupt files. Run DISM if needed (bottom of page) and let us know results. http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/3047-sfc-scannow-command-run-windows-8-a.html (Try Option 2 first) May want to try to scan with Malwarebytes and uninstall upates if...