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    Latest Intel Chipset Driver Software Released

    oh yea bad link make sure nobody clicks it lol
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    Latest Intel Chipset Driver Software Released

    the word driver in the post you listed for some reason was clickable for a min that were i got it from It seems to have corrected itself now.
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    Latest Intel Chipset Driver Software Released

    UM Brink not good at all the link you listed my antivirus blocked it, please check the link, here is a picture of it. HUH there was a link just listed in your last post um wired.
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    Store Cache - Clear in Windows 8

    Brink doing this in windows 10 stuck on step 2 here is a picture none of the ID match the one in the picture? which ones do i delete in reg and how do i continue step 2 thanks buddy.
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    Over 25 failed attempts of win 10 pro

    omg now there is 48 failed attempts ugh.
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    Over 25 failed attempts of win 10 pro

    So i have over 25 failed attempts of windows 10 pro with Code 80240020 MS says to wait it out but others say to fix it by doing this , is it safe to do this or should i just ride it out?. SO how many of you have this happening and worst thing of al is MS support says its normal how is this...
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    Can i upgrade to Win 10 pro from my Win8.1 home?

    No win 8.1 pro gets win 10 pro win 8.1 home gets win 10 home.
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    Windows 10 pro update failed

    What about this option How to fix Windows10 Update Error code 80240020 - Windows 10 Forums
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    Windows 10 pro update failed

    yup that's the loop KYHI any ideas why this is going on ? Also do i just burn that with nero onto a media or can i run it normal like a file ??
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    Windows 10 pro update failed

    Several failed attempts inside windows update for windows 10 pro update failed what can i do is this normal behavior ? i see several people on various forums with same issue.
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    Woke Up and Found Win10 Upgrade already Download

    I have same error inside my windows update that its failed like 10 times what it MS doing i mean come on don't spam my pc and not give it to me lol.
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    Solved sfc /scannow found corrupted files but couldn't fix them

    Hi brink i think mine might be the same issue can you look at it for me i ran DISM twice and sfc scan 3 times no repair, dism did repair component store stuff, but i think my issue might be related to the same as this guys, here is my sfc scan results please get back, as i get win 10 tomorrow...
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    Esent 507-532 error in event viewer ?

    So upon further research it seams this is the people app as this Livecomm service turns on with the people app so this error is related it seams how do i fix it???