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    Windows update wont work after factory restore

    I finally ran the windows update troubleshooter and the problems found were: service registration is missing or corrupt, and problems installing recent updates. The troubleshooter says it fixed those two problems, but the problem I'm having still happens. I tried that link above, which didnt work.
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    Windows update wont work after factory restore

    My laptop has been acting up lately so I did a factory restore and now windows update wont work properly. When I try to check for updates, it gets stuck checking forever. I've done a couple more factory restores to try and fix the problem, but to no avail. I tried the windows update...
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    "get windows 10" box keeps popping up

    I installed the GWX control panel whiched fixed the problem I was having, but do I have to keep the control panel installed for the box to stop popping up?
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    "get windows 10" box keeps popping up

    My pc goes into sleep mode whenever I close my laptop. Every time I open it, the "get windows 10" box appears in the middle of my screen and quite frankly, it's really starting to annoy the hell out of me lol. What do I have to do to make this box not appear?
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    what is minimized image recovery

    Does it do the exact same thing as the factory restore, but doesnt install some stuff? I'm a little confused about what this is exactly.
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    Firefox "unresponsive script" error keeps popping up

    This error message has popped up every once in awhile ever since I switched to firefox and I have no idea why or how to make it not happen again. I'm thinking about switching back to chrome because of it. I really dont want to switch back to chrome so how do you make sure this error message...
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    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    Is there a test that I can run to see if I have HD issues?
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    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    I don't think I'm having HD issues since I've had this pc for less than a year. I think something went wrong somehow during the factory restore?
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    I think something went wrong when I did a factory restore

    I had to do a factory restore to switch back to 8.1 and now theres a 50/50 chance that the computer becomes unresponsive when booting it up for the first time each day. I have to turn it off and on to fix the problem. I'll tap the desktop tile and itll freeze. I'll move the mouse around and the...
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    Laptop randomly lost wifi connection?

    So I was on the interwebs lol and all of a sudden my laptop lost connection. I thought "really? my internet is out again" so I check my phone and the internet is completely fine. So I had to restart my pc to fix the problem. This is like the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened since I've had my...
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    PC locking up during restart

    The problem was fixed when I did a factory restore. The point of this thread was I was hoping someone on here knew why it was locking during the restart process after updating a driver. Sorry, I should of mentioned that at the end.
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    PC locking up during restart

    So yesterday I went to the HP site and updated all of the "recommended" drivers. There was one driver that I updated where when I had to restart, my pc would lock up during the restart process. The pc would either lock up as soon as it restarts (the pc turns off then as soon as it turns back on...
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    I have a question about windows 10

    Does windows 10 work well on a laptop with a intel celeron N2830 processor?
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    Weather tile app thing not working

    The weather app tile stopped working all of a sudden. I'll tap on the weather tile and it'll sit there and load forever, but never actually loads. Anyone know whats going on?
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    Why is the ping lower on my phone than it is on my laptop?

    To start off, I'm using my wifi on both my phone and my laptop. Anyways, whenever I do a speedtest on my phone the ping is always 11ms, but whenever I do a speedtest on my laptop the ping is anywhere between 30 and whatever ms. I literally just did a speedtest on my laptop and got a 112ms ping...