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    Video lags in browser

    It's probably DPC latency check your DPC latency whenever the video is tearing.
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    how to scale desktop

    It's overscan of the TV. There are several ways to fix this. Depending on the manufacturer of the TV, They have their own way of naming schemes. On your remote, try finding anything that relates to the following: PC/Computer mode, "Format" or "View Mode" -> "Dot by Dot" or "1:1 pixel mapping"...
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    Where to find out what advanced Wifi options mean???

    LDPC is called low density parity check code and is a correction error which I would turn off for a faster connection. VHT & HT are called Very High Througput and High Throughput which refers to PHY rates of 6.5 Mbps to 433 Mbps per stream. TX is called Transmit stream and RX is called Receiving...
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    Why is my dang router so slow?

    The router is 10 years old already, but if it used to work fast before tt might be that the chip is overheating which results to throttling. My suggestion is to upgrade to at least an 802.11n router, preferably with gigabit ethernet. Any decent 802.11n router would give far better speed with...
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    Solved Intel HD 4400 Custom Resolution Input Not Supported.

    I remember with CRT monitors that you can do it, but not with LCD
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    Don't blame Microsoft, Intel just provides a mediocre performing x86 CPU. If MS used a Core M on this, it would've essentially cost as much as SP3.
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    Solved WTF is going on with Win 8 LAN speeds?

    @ Tairiku, On Surface Pro 3 Tablet you don't even have an option for WiFi power settings. At least the one and only balanced power plan work fantastically, giving all of my 300 Mbps internet through WiFi. OP, BTW 1 MB/s sounds like you're on the 10 Mbps LAN connection. Verify that you're at...
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    Windows freezes sometimes w/ new i5

    It might be that the HDD power saving feature that stop HDD from spinning and won't spin back. Use high performance power plan and see if it helps.
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    Solved Overheating and shutting down when gaming

    better start opening it up and repasting the CPU. Normal usage without gaming should be around 40-50 Celsius
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    Question about CPUs

    It's a lot harder to make a low voltage CPU that can go up to 3.1 GHz stable.
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    identifying processor firepower based off model number

    If you can splurge for the 256 GB SSD upgrade I would highly recommend it since it maximizes the CPU's potential in daily tasks and won't cause the system to bottleneck too much
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    identifying processor firepower based off model number

    Buy a laptop with a CPU that says i7 "MQ" or "HQ" on the description. It should be at least 3x faster or than your 2.40 GHz i3 when running multi-thread tasks. Examples of such CPUs are i7-4720HQ or i7-4860HQ.
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    Solved Surface Pro 3 seemly random restart during sleep

    Maybe some devices/software have bugs with connected standby and therefore forcing a restart. I have never experienced this on my SP3 as it properly goes to connected standby per battery report.
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    I never use mine as a laptop though so I haven't really bought the overpriced keyboard which is flimsy from what I experienced at the store
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    BT 11AC Wireless Dongle

    Try updating to the latest drivers from either Windows update or manufacturer's site.