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    Camera App

    Hello vahnx, If you are Talking about the camera app that come with windows 8 try another camera software like this: Webcam Software - Download Web Camera Programs for your Computer. Hoped This Helped: TheTechQuickie
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    Will Windows 8 run on my Pentium 4 PC

    Hi, I Believe So! Because These Day's Manufactures are Using Intel Celeron Processors And Your Processor is faster Hoped this Helped: TheTechQuickie
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    No Sound After Instillation

    Hi, What You Can Do To Solve This Issue is To Simply Just Update Your Driver Check This Link Out: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/9695-driver-install-device-manager-windows-8-a.html?filter[1]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers Hoped This Helped TheTechQuickie
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    how to change my driver

    Dear Gary10, Consider Checking This Link Out As It May Help You With Your Issue http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/9695-driver-install-device-manager-windows-8-a.html?ltr=D&filter[1]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers Thank's Hoped This Helped TheTechQuickie
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    cannot change screen resolution

    Dear xyanophobia, This Is A Very Frustrating Problem Isn't It. I Understand That You Got This Computer As A Gift. Therefore It's My Pleasure To Help You Consider Reading This Link For Help...
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    Solved Need Screen to Turn Off after certain delay BUT NOT SLEEP!

    Dear beradi1111 Consider Checking This Link For All The Help Explained In Depth Hoped It Helped TheTechQuickie
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    Restart Time

    Faster Boot Time Resolution! Dear Windude99 There are many different ways to speed up boot time. Here is one of them: 1. First Open The "Task Manager" 2. Then Open The Start up tab on the top. If you don't have tabs click "More Details" on the bottom left corner 3. Then Disable All Non wanted...
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    Solved Win-key + PrintScreen... Broken?

    Hi, One Way To Have A Screen Shot is to use the built in "Snipping Tool" Hoped This Helped, TheTechQuickie
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    Slow at opening programs and browser.

    Hi, If It Is Really Buging You Can Just Do A "Clean Install" Of Windows! You should be able to "Reset" It In Your System Settings Instead Of Having To Illegally or Buy A new one! Remember to Backup All Important Files! Hoped This Helped, TheTechQuickie
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    Poor download speed on Win 8.1 compared to Win 7

    Hi, I See Your Problem! One Of Your Problem's May Be That Your Wireless Card or Dongle is not fully compatible with Windows 8.1 The Other Problem is The Location of the two PC'S! If The Windows 8.1 PC is located in the same room i see where your heading! The Last Problem Could Be A Bad Network...
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    Soundon m new laptop very low.

    Hi, Like What adamf said Some System's Come With "Pre-Installed" Sound Programs! That Could Be your problem If not go down to the task bar and on the left side where the speaker icon is right click then click recording and/or playback devices! Make sure all of those are set properly! Hoped This...
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    Solved CPU Cooling

    There Are Many Different Programs You Can Use! Almost All New Hp Laptop come with a little program called "Cool Sense" In this you can chose a "Smart Cool" Option Hoped This Helped TheTechQuickie
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    Solved Problem unistalling a program

    How To "Uninstall" An Unwanted Program Hi JoeAdams, There are many different ways in which you can fix this First: You can go to "Uninstall A Program" Which you can access from the "Control Panel" And find it there! Second: You Can Find an uninstaller for that specific program in your case...