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    This is what happened after my dad restored it

    Greetings, Today, my dad accidentally resetted my Window 8.1 computer and thi is what's happening. http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2mdrx20%3E&s=8#.VPORcPnF-9g Does any one of you Tech pros have a resolution to this? From my standpoint, it seems like a driver issue.
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    Solved Windows Defender wont turn on. Conflict perhaps?

    CountMike, No, I never had any other antivirus installed. The only antivirus i've ever installed specifically on this PC is Malwarebytes the free version. Borg 386, Thank you for the information, i'll most certainly keep what you said in mind. Also, I do have the situation solved. It turns out...
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    Solved Windows Defender wont turn on. Conflict perhaps?

    Greetings, My name is Caleb, and i'm having some issues regarding my Windows Defender. When I go into Action Center and try to turn on Windows Defender and Windows Firewall, it doesn't want to turn on. When I click on "Take Action", and click on "Turn on Windows Defender", User Account...