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    Getting error "550 Failed to change directory." for FTP

    Hi, I enabled FTP file sharing on my android phone using ES file explorer. Now in windows explorer, I can access the phone files on 1st attempt; but after that whenever I'm trying I'm getting "550 Failed to change directory." error. But if I restart FTP on my phone, then again it starts to work...
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    How to stop Internet Explorer to track file history

    I don't use Internet Explorer for browsing, but today accidentally open the browsing history in IE. I was shocked to see some file appeared on the history which I accessed using Explorer :mad:. I have enabled recent file history on Explorer but I don't want IE to see those. How to prevent IE...
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    Updates slipstreaming - some patches added 99.5% 99.7%

    Hi, Today I'm slipstreaming 241 patches to windows 8.1 update 1. I am using DISM.exe. Currently it's processing. I saw few patches are added 99.5% / 99.7% etc. Do you have any ideas about this? I mean I never encounter these. Please check the attached.
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    Any new big update on pipeline for Win8.1?

    Hi, Currently we have windows 8.1 OS Version: 6.3.9600 N/A Build 9600. Will there be any service pack or version update for windows 8.1?
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    How to open Shut down menu by pressing power button only

    Hi, Is it possible to open shut down menu by pressing power button only? Any work around?
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    Win 8.1 Wifi Hotspot Disconnects Connected Devices

    I'm facing similar issue. I'm using Dell inspiron 7537 with windows 8.1 update, intel wireless dual band N 7260 and sharing a MTS EVDO datacard internet by creating hosted network. I'm using symantec endpoint. I have a windows phone and an android phone. Problem is, after few minutes of...
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    Unable to connect to internet via Virtual router/ICS

    Hi, I'm trying to share 3G dongle's internet by creating virtual hotspot. Hosted network is started and my phone is connected; but i cant access internet by Wifi ICS in Windows 8.1 Pro. I tried disabling symantec endpoint and windows firewall. Please help. ================Windows 8.1 WLAN...
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    How to Toggle disable/enable Keyboard and touchpad

    Hi, I like to do maths exercises from online portal; so i keep my exercise book on the palmrest of my laptop and practise. But it presses keys and touchpad clicks. I use a external mouse to scroll the web page. So I need a small utility which will allow me to disable/enable the built-in...
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    How to remove Win10 compleeeetely from Win8.1 dual boot

    This what my disk partitions are: What are those partitions numbered 2, 3, 4? I have not changed the partitions from beginning. In the beginning, while installing win8.1, i partitioned the complete hdd(GPT) like: C, D, E, F, X. C for Default Windows and D for any other OS for dual boot. Now...
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    How to save Symantec EP Live Update files/cache?

    Hi, I have 2 laptops and 1 desktop; I have Symantec Endpoint Protection(SEP) on a laptop for last 1 year. Now I want to install SEP on my 2nd laptop and the desktop. Is there any way to use the live update files/cache from the 1st laptop to update installed SEP on the other laptop and desktop...
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    How to customize Windows 8.1 user login screen

    @Ayelwen In Windows 8.1, Nope. But in Windows 10 preview, YES. :D In windows 10 Build 10159, in sign in screen, the background is same as the desktop wallpaper. Please check this youtube video @ 1.00. But, changing the wallpaper doesn't change the background on signin screen. :( Hope MS will...
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    Active windows tracking issue: focus lock on start button

    In Windows 8.1, after turning on active windows tracking (Focus only) by registry tweak, whenever mouse cursor hovers on the start button the focus gets locked onto the start button. To bring focus back onto something else left/right-click/alt+tab is required. Is it possible to avoid this with...
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    No internet access through hosted network in Windows 8.1

    Well, till now I have changed my laptop, also the internet sharing feature is now not required for me... so....
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    How to create a Clone of a Bootable Pendrive with 2 parti^

    Hi, I got a Windows 8 usb pendrive from Dell. It has two partitions of different format (FAT & NTFS). I want to create a single image/clone of the pendrive. Now, I tried ImageUSB by passmark; but it's creating two different Images for those two partitions. But I want a single image of the...