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    Did we all just witness Windows start to die?

    I have just converted 3 of my windows 7 PCs to Linux Mint Cinnamon, and they will stay that way. What pushed me into this, was not that there is anything wrong with Windows 7; It was the direction M$ have taken with Win8, the shutting down of Technet, and the fact that M$ seems to have no clue...
  2. TanyaC

    Will Windows 8.1 kick Windows 8 'Modern' developers to...

    I personally think M$ should drop the name "Windows" because it isn't anymore. We have gone back to the Windows 3.1 interface; flat, bland, cartoonish and amatuerish. Perhaps they should change the name from Windows to PDOS (Portable Device Operating System). :D Sorry... Off topic :o
  3. TanyaC

    Xbox One's DRM puportedly explained by "Xbox engineer"

    I'm with you on this one. Unfortunately, game and application designers are flocking to an "always connected" model. For example, Diablo III won't even play unless you have an active Internet connection. On the Application side, DVDFab have introduced the same model. There are many other...
  4. TanyaC

    Windows 8 expected to be third most use OS this month

    If I may offer an opinion.. It seems that despite all the hype that M$ aren't really listening, they are trying to create the illusion that they are. They don't seem to have strayed very far from the original vision of W8 being a multi-homed OS. Having looked at the list of features offered...
  5. TanyaC

    Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8.1

    While that will generate lots of work (at least for me), removing Windows 8 from peoples computers who tolerate it simply because those shell programs give them the ability to use 8 productively, I hope they don't do that.
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    MS defeated, changed the new name UI from Metro to Modern

    Yes, because of a Trademark dispute with a German retail company called Metro AG.
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    Windows Blue shows why Microsoft may turn Windows into....

    So where does this end. When we go to our local Wal-mart and buy a Television or blu-ray player are we going to have to pay annual license usage fees on those too.. With the ever increasing number of subscription based items there comes a point where the tightening of the belt gets so extreme...
  8. TanyaC

    The writing is in the Cloud.

    Indeed! :mad: I have purchased all of the software I use, at a cost of several thousands of dollars. My point was that the new model, and the rapid increases that I believe will follow, will make it unaffordable to to continue to use any "clouded" software. I was working when I bought most of...
  9. TanyaC

    The writing is in the Cloud.

    And they'll increases the prices annually to keep pace with "the cost of providing the services"... Once my existing Creative Suite package becomes out of support, I think looking around for free software will be a major priority. Technet - $360 per year, Creative Cloud $600 per year. Most of...
  10. TanyaC

    Default Gateway

    First thing you need check is the correct address for your router's admin. This is either or, unless it has been changed. Which one is used depends on the brand of the router. Have a look at your quick start guide or user manual. Second thing, since you have DHCP off (in...
  11. TanyaC

    System loses network/internet connectivity, blank screens

    I haven't tried clearing CMOS. I'll give that a go.. I insisted that the supplier take a "closer" look at the graphics card, and lo and behold, they have found a fault and are going to replace it. Perhaps the two issues were just a coincidence. His power supply is fairly new, I have a PSU...
  12. TanyaC

    System loses network/internet connectivity, blank screens

    Hi, My brother has a Win 8 Pro PC with an ASRock Extreme 4, GTX 570SC, 650W PSU, 16GB RAM (2133), running two monitors @ 1920x1080. I built this system for him about a year ago. He has a 120gb SSD too and a DVD burner. A few weeks ago the system started disconnecting from the Internet and his...
  13. TanyaC

    Are you a tablet skeptic?

    I offered to buy my kids tablets last christmas. They said to me "What on earth for?" My sons are 16, 17 and 21. They said "Our PCs do everything we need and more when we are at home. When we are out, everything we want or need is available on our smartphones". "Why would we want another...
  14. TanyaC

    Screens go into standby, PC might be hanging

    Hi, My brother Has windows 8 pro with a SSD, 2 monitors and a GTX-570. He has 16GB of RAM and a ASRock motherboard. All of these parts are less than 12 months old. At random intervals both of the screens will simultaneously go into standby and the computer appears to freeze (music playing will...