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    Put your own image in Start Screen Background

    Eh different strokes... A. I can't see anything "cringe worthy" about my screen. It is well balanced, minimal, and frankly took a lot of time. Looks are subjective but I don't see where your coming from. B. YOU may not spend a lot of time on the start screen, but I do. Its the new desktop...
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    Put your own image in Start Screen Background

    Well as said previously, make backups etc. As I said first you need to make the picture in Photoshop or your program of choice. The size is 2000x400 and you make a logical split in the picture at about 246. For actually changing it you need to first take ownership of the imageres.dll. You...
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    Windows 8 Start screen backgrounds

    It works in cp. Syswow is for 64 bit systems but for whatever reason you don't actually need to change it, just the imageres.dll in system32.
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    Put your own image in Start Screen Background

    You can make it work, it just takes a fair bit of work. The images for the backgrounds are stored in the imageres.dll file. You can edit the values (I use resource hacker) and place your own .png files in there. Since it does split the image you just work around it. For example, when I do...