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    Restart Time

    The file was downloaded from SF, but it's the same, I guess. :)) Anyway, I have installed 8.1 finally on my laptop. Here is reboot time.
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    The quote of the day

    I am I plus my circumstances.Jose Ortega y Gasset
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    Today I bought a Adidas black jacket (winter jacket) :D
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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    Thanks Jan & Ken, Bill, JaidynM and Dave ! Appreciated people ! :)
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    change mac address

    Hello there. This works on Windows 7, so it should work on 8 also... So try it. Search in Start menu for Device Manager.(Or Control Panel->Device Manager) Open it. Explore Network Adapters and click with right click on your network adapter. There select Properties. In Advanced tab select...
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    Reputation and Badges

    Congrats to all new achievements!
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Welcome to all new members since my last visit ! Glad to have you here !
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    Today is my birthday, and I have now 21. :)
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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    What Are You Listening To?
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    Last Letter Game [3]