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    Is Avira good?

    If u plan on buying, i would suggest Norton, Kaspersky or Bitdefender..... If u have a samll budget, go for Norton Antivirus, Or If u have a bigger budget go for the advanced versions of the above antivirus ( Norton 360, Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Pure, BItdefender Total security...
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    Windows 8 stuck and won't start.

    try shift+F8 when booting or try using a repair disk. If none of the above work, i recommend using Hiren's boot Cd. For details on how to use it plz revert or check the website for details. If u want to do a clean install but want to preserve your files, run hiren's boot cd and open mini xp, and...
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    Regarding the charms bar

    hmm after trying evrything what you said it didnt work but after i restarted my pc after like 5 times in the night... today morning after i restarted twice it worked......... sumthin fishy :confused: anyone know what caused it? and thank you very much for your timely response :)
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    Regarding the charms bar

    Hi evryone, looks like yet another problem today. the prob is that when i point my mouse towards the top right corner the charms bar doesn't show up!!! but it shows up when navigated to the lower right corner or windows + c. waiting for solution asap! Thank You IN Advance, Vardhan
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    Accidentally shut down computer during update to 8.1

    hi , there is another way, i helps me most of the time when i brick my pc. theres this soft called hiren's boot cd try it theres a 90% chance it might work.
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355) installation FAILS

    Maybe this will help works most of the time :) if u install the update from Windows Update. Case of the KB2919355 Installation Failure (Windows 8.1 Update) | chentiangemalc if not try checking the comments, there are somethings usefull...........
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    Solved Regarding upgrading from windows 8 to windows 8.1

    +Edwin yup i know ;) i just wanted to know how to prevent it nxt time and know why it happened? but if there's nothing anyone knows then lets call it quits for now :D
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    Solved Repairing Windows.....

    Since your pc only has probs and is sumwhat working how about making a recovery usb or dvd?
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    Solved Regarding upgrading from windows 8 to windows 8.1

    nope like i said it was windows 8 Pro
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    Solved Regarding upgrading from windows 8 to windows 8.1

    Hey evryone!:p looks like today i upgraded my pc to windows 8.1 , and before doing that i checked my pc for compatibility probs using the ms compatibility thingy and it showed that all the programs are compatible. and believing that i ran the 8.1 setup and checking the first option that keeps...
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    Accidentally shut down computer during update to 8.1

    there is a way, which may help. i.e. try switching off your pc or laptop through the mains or power button directly, for maybe 10 to 15 times. it will automatically boot into advanced options
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    Solved Remove Entry from Start Menu

    Try right clicking the game on your start menu and search for open file location :)
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    Permanently Disable Driver Signing in Windows 8 / 8.1!!!!

    Hi EvryOne, Today i thought i'd share a way to permanently disable the annoying Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8 / 8.1 - for the sake of bearing with a small watermark in the corner. 1.Open up Command Prompt as an admin. 2.Type these lines => One By One and press enter accordingly...
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    Virtualization for Computer learning

    For further questions regarding virtualization feel free to ask me ;)
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    Virtualization for Computer learning

    Well if moving on to free softs, U can use the following :- 1.Virtual Box 2.Hyper-V ( inbuilt withing windows ) If opting for paid softs the best that i would suggest is:- 1.VmWare Workstation 2.VmWare Player