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    Solved Media player

    VLC will not play midi files.
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    Solved Media player

    Is there another Media Player that will play Midi Files, VLC won't play midis. I have Win 8.1 and plan on updating to Win 10, when it becomes available, and WMC is going to be gone with Win 10
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    I'm 74.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    Another person, not from this forum, suggested she go to Control Panel/ Programs & Features and click on Windows Essentials and instead of uninstalling it to do a repair. Would you think this would work? I will give her the information that you suggested.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    She used WLM for about 6 months before this started happening. A person, not from this forum, told her to go to uninstall, and install of doing an uninstall to do a repair. This person said that it worked for her. Do you this this would maybe work? I will give her the information that you...
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    She uses her WLM from the desktop. She doesn't use the start screen for anything.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    It only happens randomly. She uses the e-mail from her desktop and not from the start screen. She has her computer set so she does not have to sign in each time also. When she shuts down and reopens it will automatically go to the desktop without logging in.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    I've never had this problem with my WLM either. She used a Hotmail address when she set up her Win 8.1, then she installed WLM and only uses that account. She uses a POP account for her WLM. I do the same thing and I have no problems like she does. She never uses the Hotmail Account for anything.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    Yes WLM is set as default. I don't know what you mean by is the account set up in her native Modern Store E-Mail app? She installed from the Microsoft Site.
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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    A friend of mine is having problems with her Windows Live Mail. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when she uses her Red X in the upper right corner to close the mail program she will get this message. When she opens WLM again every folder will be empty. Inbox-Sent Items-Junk...
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    WLM all messages deleted, after message on closing

    WLN is completely emptied, Inbox, Sent Mail, and Deleted Mail, after getting a pop-up message when closing about being used by another program. Clicked on the pop-up message to close it, and when WLM is opened again all the mail is gone. This started after the last updates from Microsoft. Do...
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    Despite Imminent Retirement, More Users Move to Windows XP

    I'm now using Win 8.1, but I was raised in the era if it's not broken why replace it. That is exactly how I feel about most things. Lots of seniors just can't afford it. This will be the last computer I will ever buy. People living on $1000.00 a month just can't afford new computers and that...
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    How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO

    I've had some many problems with Win 8. First a just got a bad computer and had to take it back and get another one. Then I had problems trying to learn this machine. Finally got a start button and it has been a lot easier for me to learn. Now I want to download 8.1 and I'm scared to do it...
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    Solved How Do I find my system 32 files

    I'm winging, learning by myself mostly trying to learn Win 8, because I really don't know anyone who is using Win 8 to give me a helping hand. I'm 73 and I'm a little slower learning now, and if I ask questions that may sound stupid to someone else please just bear with me. Thanks again for...