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    Path too long, Windows cannot delete or move files

    Have you tried copying and moving them with Command Prompt? Just did a little bit of research online and someone said that it fixed it for them.
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    Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!

    Really looking forward to Windows 8.1. I love what they have done, especially stopping all newly installed applications being plonked on the main metro window. Great job Microsoft!
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    Lenovo problems!

    Is that including booting off a windows 8 disk?
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    Lenovo problems!

    Its annoying because if you could access command prompt you could run a SFC scan which would probably fix the issue. If you have a windows 8 disk you could boot from that and run the Command Prompt under the "Repair your computer" option.
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    Lenovo problems!

    See if this helps you... Once you are in the advanced boot menu I believe you can select command prompt. How To Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8 I myself are still learning all the different boot menus in windows 8, so i'm a bit rusty.
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    Lenovo problems!

    It might be worth doing a Check Disk. Will fix any corrupt windows files. If you can access Safe Mode via command prompt then great, if not you will need to get there via the advanced system menu. When / if you get there run chkdsk /F C: or chkdsk C: /F. More info on tech-net site: Run Check...
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    Lenovo problems!

    Are you able to access Safe Mode?
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    Lenovo problems!

    Hi Ampie, I don't fully understand. Do you mean it crashes every-time you boot up? or is it doing a loop? Thanks!
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    Need help accessing my PC

    Glad it helped! I think the best way would be to partition the hard drive. You could have BitLocker encrypt your data, and have another partition just for your users data.
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    Need help accessing my PC

    Neobahamut, if you have another computer you could try accessing your D: drive, and as you said you have the password, you should be able to access the data / remove bit locker encryption completely. Let me know if this helps.
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    Best Hide IP software

    If your trying to setup a VPN then try something like Hamatchi -
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    Access Denied ...Permission Denied

    Try running the programs as administrator or try to change the compatibility settings and run it for a previous known working windows edition. Thanks.
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    no wifi connection what do i do?

    I suggest doing what znod said. Connect your computer to the modem via ethernet then download the latest updates, and it would probably download the correct wireless drivers.
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    One simple question & one complex re: Mail on Start menu

    Hello Motley, So what I can gather you already have 1 email account connected to the windows 8 mail app. To add another account, open up the mail app so you are looking at the list of your emails, move your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and bring up the charms menu. Click...
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    Solved Question about WiFi

    Wifi is the signal that your router gives out. So it looks like you already have wifi by means of your router. However like Jacer200 said, it sounds like there saying because you pay TW for your home broadband, you can connect anywhere around the country that has TW router that is giving out the...