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    Turbo Boost in Windows 8.1 with a SSD

    I believe you mean ready-boost. An SSD is generally faster than a thumb drive. That fact, and Ready boost isn't much help on a PC with sufficient ram would indicate that you aren't likely to see any performance gains with it. I use it at work with a real fast thumb drive only because my machine...
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    Best way to backup files?

    Some may like the simplicity of a commercial product, like mentioned above. Windows also has built in options. I use robocopy to do nightly backups to another physical drive, and occasional full image with CloneZilla. My option is tedious, and requires some knowledge. There are many, many ways...
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    Never-ending system corruption

    I see some have issues. I'm still running on a 2010 win7 -> win8 -> win8.1 setup. I keep it cleaned up, crap cleaner, malwarebytes, and panda AV. Its been rock solid. I cant help think there may be some flaky hardware involved. I question why some seem to have issues?
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    RAM Increased memory use and cache

    Cache is a good thing!
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    High Hardware reserved memory

    Big CPU, and small memory. I concur with CountMike. More ram would be beneficial!
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    Solved Frame Showing When Resizing a Window [BUG]

    its a feature that got turned off somehow... Show Window Contents or Outline While Dragging - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Do we really need third party system utility suits for Win

    Im with SAM. I only like Crap Cleaner because its lightweight, and it just works. It does the things I used to do by hand very quickly and efficiently...
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    14 reasons to fire your IT pro

    I tend to embrace things new. Where I work they currently lack the management and $$$ to move forward. So we continue in the same rut.
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    Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

    OK, I did that, and the date and time are kinda funny, but other that that it seems pretty much the same...
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    Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

    OK, so maybe I am a stupid American, but it wouldn't seem all that difficult for me to use a UK English version of windows. Maybe I should try it?
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    Solved Two computers, same network error

    Crappy drivers. They are one of the main causes of many headaches. Update, update, update I always say!
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    Almost 50% of RAM marked as "modified", frequent errors.

    Yea, wow it looks like something is up. Mine is only at 68 MEGS, and its been running for hours...
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    Solved Need help resetting a friends laptop

    I believe you can grab a copy from MS. As long as you have a valid license. Download on another PC, and burn a dvd...