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    Win 8.1 doesn't recognize revovery flash drive

    Thanks for the info. However it appears it doesn't even access the flash drive when I put it in. Just for the heck of it I just created a new recovery drive and then tried to refresh again and got the same result... "Some files are missing. Your windows installation or recovery media will...
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    Win 8.1 doesn't recognize revovery flash drive

    Win 8.1 doesn't recognize recovery flash drive I was going to refresh my pc and I do have a recovery flash drive for 8.1 that I created a while ago. When I try to refresh it says it needs a recovery drive for all of windows files but when I insert the flash drive it doesn't see it and nothing...
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    Weird anomaly

    OK, this just started happening recently. It's not a big deal but I'm curious as all get out to know what might be causing it. Here's a simple scenario describing my win 8.1 x64 system... I run 1 win explorer windows listing say D drive Then I open another explorer window to the C drive Now on...
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    Display reports wrong resolution

    This is a minor annoyance is all but it's driving me crazy. I have a Dell touch monitor that is 1920x1080 and I have a 55in TV that is also 1920x1080 Both of these displays report as that resolution in the display properties of win 8.1 x64 However when extending the displays the full resolution...
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    Can't remove taskbar touch keyboard icon

    I know this an old thread but i'm having a similar problem. I have a 'Touch Keyboard' list under toolbars for the taskbar. I can't remember how the heck i got it there but anyway, it different from the osk.exe in system32 folder. it's more plain and has 4 different keyboard skins available and...
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    Solved "Choose how you open links." greyed out it working. I didn't have IE set as the default browser for anyone else that might pull a 'duh'.
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    Slow loading folders in Windows Explorer

    I've noticed the same issue.
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    Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

    I wish they'd bring back the touch 'flicks' that were in windows 7. Very useful for a touch screen and they took it away the dirty bums. They probably interfere with the metro apps but u think they could isolate the 'flicks' to desktop programs.
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    Solved software problems

    ok, I checked the windows features and the box for framework 3.5 and 4.5 both were dark (black box). I unmarked then marked them again to uninstall and re-install. that didn't work so I went back and checked every sub key for both framework versions and that seems to have fixed the problem...
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    Solved software problems

    I can't even install net framework 3.5. it doesn't run when i click on the exe file. nothing happens. on a side note, i subscribed to this thread and didn't get a notification when u responded that's why i was late getting back. i did an sfc scan and it showed no errors.
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    Solved software problems

    OK, I'm on win 8 x64. I just did a fresh install and got all the updates. Everything seems fine except there r a few programs that I can't get to run. These programs install with no errors but when I try to run them they won't open. These programs worked before so I know they're not the...
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    Solved can't change boot timeout

    ok, i researched and fixed the sfc error. I had to change a reg entry on the programs directory to c:\ProgramFiles from %ProgramFiles% That let sfc complete and it found errors and repaired them. The timeout appears to be holding at 5 seconds. thanks for the suggestion
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    Solved can't change boot timeout

    Ran it and I get the ' Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.' at 100% There were only 2 items listed with 'error' in the cbs.log... 2013-05-25 07:15:50, Error CSI 000006de (F) STATUS_NOT_CAPABLE #7485534# from...
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    Solved can't change boot timeout

    I've tried everything and the boot timeout always reverts to 30 seconds. I've used the internal boot menu, msconfig and easybcd to change it to 10 seconds but it always reverts back. I even tried using the win 7 text menu with the same results. Currently I use the graphical menu because I like...
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    Installing XP AFTER Win 8?

    try these. extract to a new folder and the install thru dev mgr on the unknowh raid/ahci driver