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    Windows 9 FREE for Windows 8.x users

    Tried Chrome browser on the desktop and was able to register okay. Earlier I was using an iPhone.
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    Windows 9 FREE for Windows 8.x users

    I get the following error when trying to register on Ten Forums: Image verification unsuccessful due to incorrect reCAPTCHA™ private key. Contact the admin.
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    OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store

    FWIW, OneNote now shows in the Windows Store, that is AFTER I installed it. But I didn't really intend to use the Windows Store version, but will likely use the desktop version instead. Just wanted to compare the two side by side. That said, I'd plan to convert some mind map notes into OneNote...
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    OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store

    pparks1: The link worked! The link took me to which has a Windows Store link which works. Yet searching directly in Windows Store produced no results. Must be glitch in the store? FWIW, the two machines are the same physical machine. The first is a BootCamp...
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    OneNote Not Listed in Windows Store

    I recently subscribed to Office 365, which includes OneNote 2013. Then I decided to go to the Windows Store and try that version of OneNote, however I can't find it listed. This particular machine is running Windows 8.1 Pro with the recent update. While looking in the Windows Store, I listed...
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    Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

    I've got the Windows 8.1 update showing in the Windows Store! Located in CA here. But won't do the update until I get to work. Maybe it is a good thing the download is slow, because I don't want to hog the bandwidth at work. My first update with be on a VM running on a notebook made by the...
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    Office 2010 available?

    I know that officially only Office 2013 is for sale by MS. I use it at work and don't like. But rather than start a soap box about Office 2013, I'd like to know if there is a legal way to get Office 2010. Wish I had bought a copy while it was still for sale.
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    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    I also been running the 8.1 preview and have run without Start8 on it for a few weeks. I capitulated yesterday and put the Start8 beta back on the preview so I could make sure it truly was working before I made the post (#27) above. That said, the 8.1 preview is the best start menu...
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    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    Start8 still works with the Windows 8.1 Preview. But it requires the latest beta version. We'll know more when Windows 8.1 RTM is released, whether or not MS blocks it. I doubt it will be blocked...
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    Visual Basic 6 or Visual Studio for EXCEL use

    Doesn't Office 2010 still support VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)? I think that is what you mean by Basic in Excel? As far as supporting VB6 in Win 8, VB6 apps do run in Windows (32 bit), though we've had issues at work with some 3rd party components. I'm pretty sure 64 bit is out for VB6...
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    Wedge Mouse right click gotcha!

    I've been using Microsoft's new Bluetooth Wedge Mouse for a while now on my Sony VAIO Duo 11 tablet. For the most part it's been a nice little portable mouse, though not so full-featured as the Microsoft Touch Mouse. But I really had this one nagging issue issue: the right-click tap was hit or...
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    Microsoft: You Won’t Need a Clean Install to Move to W8.1

    I did the upgrade on my Samsung series 7 slate. By that I mean the upgrade and not the clean install. I did the clean install on a couple different VMs already. The Samsung slate is my secondary tablet. I still don't have the nerve to put it on my main tablet LOL! So far I have to say I am...
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    Worried about my future touch experience.

    I'd been running Splashtop myself to test Windows 8 long before I had a touch device back in 2012. You have to have a really good Wi-Fi connection between the Android device and the Windows 8 machine. In fact I've tested using both Android and iOS versions of Splashtop. It works pretty good at...
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    Sorry, bringing back the Start menu won't help Windows 8

    They're not bringing back the start menu just the start button...
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    Which Is Better Apple Or Microsoft?

    Here is the Surface release dates for some countries outside the US: