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    Pin to Start Files in Windows 8

    hello brink....thx ist marvellous n best regards from most watch nsa Country... greetz
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    Windows 8.1 Preview Not Working on All Computers

    hello Folks.. for my Person it runs successfully.... i think there might be differences between the accepted Interfaces instead of 8pro... by have a look of all it´s a little bit better for understand userfriendly interrests. A Person told me Windows 8 ,the world isn´t able to use this stuf...
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    Pin to Start Files in Windows 8

    Java browser - Interface not allowed... Hello Folks... in Windows pro 8 ist a nice tool, it runs my own Java browser from start. But in WindowsBlue 8.1 prwiew.. i got the message... Interface not allowed... but with a Folder from Desktop it works. Any Ideas ??