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    Can't remove external HD without completely shutting down. "This device is currently in use. Close any programs... that might be using the device"

    Happy to be of assistance. Yes, I have a couple of old back up external drives in enclosures that have no switches as well. I don't use them often, but sometimes they come in handy. By "nonpowered" I'm assuming you mean that the drive gets its power via USB. Sometimes (but not often) this...

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    Yes. I'm not sure why my profile information doesn't show. I'm in Canada. I did check with the manufacturer of the system board (ASUS) and they were quite adamant that I did NOT install Windows 8.1 on this particular board. I also tried getting Win 8.1 to take on a TUF B450-PLUS and was met with...

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    Oh boy. Wish I would have red this sooner. Some AMD system boards will literally scream at you that Windows 8.1 is not compliant with their hardware. I tried this with an X570 HERO and eventually I had to remove the O/S because I was getting tired of the nagware. Sure it worked (kinda sorta) but...

    Tracking Down Slow Ethernet

    If your Apple laptop is giving you 450 Mb speeds and your lovable old ASUS motherboard isn't you might want to check what the limitations are on your ethernet card. This is an old DDR2 system board you have and if your chipset hasn't had an upgrade by now I can assure you that you need one. I...

    Can't remove external HD without completely shutting down. "This device is currently in use. Close any programs... that might be using the device"

    Not sure if you have solved your issue by now but for the good of our readers I will make a response. "Safely Remove Hardware" still functions in Windows 8.1 and I still use it. I don't recommend removing it or disabling it as it may still be applicable in some circumstances apart from delayed...

    So, I must run F:> chkdsk /f and after updating my laptop??? or vice versa???

    Have you tried switching it back on from Windows services? Perhaps you could manually copy your important files onto another drive and try a reset if you can't get Services to work. If you have all your important files backed up already you could try System Restore if you managed to make some...

    Performance Problems Solved?

    I still own a couple of old ACER desktops with WIN 8.1 on them and haven't bothered to upgrade them because they work so well without uprgrades. I won't make any financial transactions on them but they serve me well for home entertainment purposes and one has served as a NAS for years now. As...

    Destroyed Hard Disk

    Indeed. Perhaps I should have suggested looking up a YouTube video on booting the same model of PC from BIOS with a recovery drive. I suppose this one will remain a mystery.

    Restart Time

    YUP. In fact, I've done it. That is to say I've gotten this unit back up and running in less than ten minutes with all data intact. I live pretty much right next door to the northern wilderness and we get many electrical storms up this way. I use a sine wave UPS on my work station and all the...

    Best Anti-Virus?

    Sooner or later that avoidance can snag you in the hinder parts when you least expect it. Pffft... Windoze. It's a trade off, just like Linux.

    SSD Technical ?

    You just took me on a wild journey down memory lane. After I donated my top of the line Tandy to the geriatric society I have to confess that I was relieved to have disposed of those huge floppies, but to be fair it also used high density 3.5" floppies so I had the best of all worlds back then...

    SSD Technical ?

    Good to know. Not really a big fan of 10 or 11 although I have both. I run TRIM via software on my Win 7 and 8 about once a year. This seems to work out fine for me but I was curious. Seemed like back in the old days of defragging I had to do this about once a month. I had one of the early SSDs...

    SSD Technical ?

    lol I'm only in my 60's but reading this thread is a probably a good indication where I'm headed. Perhaps one day I'll be able to boast that I only have 5 PCs too. Every time I think I'm trimming down another one seems to mysteriously wind up in my possession. I've been taking to refurbishing...

    Installed 8.1 on 2015 Win 10 laptop

    Now if only the newer operating systems had so many all's well that ends well stories. :) As for Win 7 I have so many backups and backups of my backups I'm really not that worried about losing drivers. But even in the event that a driver is lost there are several ways of still retrieving them. I...

    Installed 8.1 on 2015 Win 10 laptop

    As an after thought I typed this on Win 7 U . The stability and smoothness of this o/s is just amazing now that Microsoft has stopped messing with it. Definitely keeping it. I wish the newer operating systems worked so well.