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    Login Pass wont disable

    Hello i installed win8 over my old win7, and everything is working fine aside from a small glitch with the display but after updating the driver it fixed itself. but my problem even though its minor is I disabled the require password on start but the password still is required any ideas?
  2. SassinLegacy

    Saving Freeze up

    Hello just was wondering when ever I try to save a file or image regardless of size windows always freezes up and I cant click anything otherwise i get Not Responding, It takes a very long time to be able to pick my save location...Usually Desktop... tried different browsers, firefox, google...
  3. SassinLegacy

    Windows Store will not Open

    yeah I saw that command before but dosent seem to work for me heres what i get after running the command..
  4. SassinLegacy

    Windows Store will not Open

    Dont see a Packages Folder but their is a folder called Windows Store
  5. SassinLegacy

    Windows Store will not Open

    having a problem using the windows store to dont get any error messages just when i click the store it acts like it wants to load but goes right to desktop screen... not sure what to do
  6. SassinLegacy

    Solved Cant Check for updates

    Ran the .bat file rebooted and now checking for updates, Honestly Cant thank you enough, Happy Holidays
  7. SassinLegacy

    Solved Cant Check for updates

    Hi I was having problems with windows update it said something about admin but i was able to fix that thanks to brinks reg file but now windows update is red and when i click check it says cant check for updates because the service is not running. please restart PC, which i did but still it...