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    Which age category do you fall in?

    me too lol :D
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    Joke Thread

    A thief went into my house to look for money. I woke up, saw what he was doing, and searched with him.
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    Joke Thread

    lol good one- for post number 83 to complete the joke;) The old lady goes to the dentist the next day. she sits down,drops panties, and spreads legs. the dentist says,"I'm not a gynecologist." she says,"I know, I need my husbands teeth back." hehehe
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lLmYLw0WRI Love this song
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    magic no it's math. use your shoes to calculate birth year

    “Did you know that your shoe size can tell you your age!” 1) Take your shoe size (no half sizes, round up) 2) Multiply by it 5 3) Add 50 4) Multiply by 20 5) Add 1014 6) Subtract the year you were born The first digit(s) are your shoe size and the last two...