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  1. sajara

    Solved Cannot create New Folder using File Explorer

    Works! Thank you! Yep! Problem solved! All works well now. The menu is there. The new folder in Ribbon works and even the keyboard shortcut! Thank you very much for your help JustATest! Highly appreciated. :D
  2. sajara

    Solved Cannot create New Folder using File Explorer

    Thank you for your quick answer and i completely forgot to say that it does not work either. Attached pic.
  3. sajara

    Solved Cannot create New Folder using File Explorer

    Since 2 days ago I've noticed that I cannot create a new folder with File Explorer by any way possible. Using the taskbar or the SHIFT + Ctrl + N. Even when saving projects with Save File as... and trying to use the "New Folder" text string button does not create any folder. Using CMD prompt or...
  4. sajara

    8.1 boot time

    Yep i'm with Mystere here, all is ready for me too... no disk crunching.
  5. sajara

    IE11 for Windows 7 Ms abandons Businesses for W8 it seems

    Thanks for the article and comments. Every time you wrote 'Ms' a kept reading 'Missus'... 2 second blank... ah! :D
  6. sajara

    New Opera Browser

    It's just Chrome with new skin. Long time Opera users are mad because all the good functionality of Opera 12, for them, does not exist anymore. As anything in life change is difficult to accept. I use Opera Mini on my Android device it's the best browser full stop. I used on mobile devices since...
  7. sajara

    Missing "Do Nothing" option for closing laptop lid

    Maybe restoring the power policies or doing a registry injection in *CURRENT_USER/ControlPanel/PowerCfg/PowerPolicies
  8. sajara

    Windows 8.1 first look: Finally, Windows the way you want

    Yep, I fail to understand why people keep moaning about...
  9. sajara

    The Windows 8.1 Preview Start Button Is an “Insult to...

    I really don't care about the button, I just demand that my tea is hot. :D
  10. sajara

    Solved 8.1 on rMBP in VM

    Of course not because you need real hadware. What Windows see is the virtualized graphics card. Even on real hadware high dpi can work or not, it really depends on drivers supporting the new WDM 1.3.
  11. sajara

    Solved Connect 2 external monitors to a laptop

    You answered your own question. Common Mobile graphic cards only support 2 displays any given time, be it internal+external or external+external. Common low to mid-high NV or AMD cards do the same. Only the new Haswell will support 3 monitors in the case of Intel. EDIT: You could also try a...
  12. sajara

    Windows Blue gets official name: Windows 8.1

    Indeed it is. A number is much more easy to follow in terms of revision than a random name. I was happy that they resumed the numbering with 7. Xp and Vista never coped very well. "Windows eXPerience"? Geez.
  13. sajara

    Windows 8 six months in: Thoughts from a power(less) user

    It's no secret, it has always been there. I used it since Win 95 :)
  14. sajara

    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Downloading now 13.4. Last compatible version that existed for my 6570M was 13.1. A nice upgrade after 4 months. :)