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    Microsoft loses money on each Surface sold

    This argument goes on and on and on... I'm going to say this one more time: YOU CAN AVOID METRO AND USE ONLY THE DESKOP IF YOU'RE USING A DESKTOP! Seriously, it's not that had folks.
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    Windows 9 Should Be Completely Free, Analyst Believes

    Why not a half-way house with a free upgrade for 8.x users and new licences at a reduced price?
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    Microsoft Cuts Windows 8 Price to $49 (€36.5) in China

    I'd love to know where you're getting a Samsung S4 at that price!
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    Windows Loses Some Users Despite the Arrival of Windows8.1

    I'm not sure whether you're being sarcastic!:think:
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    Windows Loses Some Users Despite the Arrival of Windows8.1

    Hold on a minute: it's not Microsoft's fault that people don't want to change their ways. In fact, people HAVE changed their ways because they've moved away from the traditional desktops to the likes of the iPad and Android OSes and ecosystems. With Windows 8 Microsoft are just ensuring that...
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    Windows Loses Some Users Despite the Arrival of Windows8.1

    For me the mystery of Windows 8 is that seemingly intelligent people who complain about Metro/Win8 being no good for mouse and keyboard users/the OS being too touch-oriented/no start menu (*delete as appropriate) are actually just too stupid to find the tile that takes them to the...
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    Update removes the Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn't configured

    Cool - thanks. Stupid watermark was annoying me!
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    Intel previews SSD overclocking

    Nice idea but not sure that's a risk I want to take. Having said that, if the risk is only data corruption rather than hardware damage, then you could always image your SSD (which is likely to contain just your OS and critical programs) on a schedule to restore if necessary.
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    Microsoft Surface naming debacle about to get worse

    Wow! I mean, how stupid do you have to be to NOT figure out which is 2 and which is 1?
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    iPad: Kicking Windows back to the office

    Hahaaa! :D No, my point was that people just buy these things without consideration for who they will be used by and what they'll be used for. Honestly, if you're buying an iPad mini for your 3 year old you really do have more money than sense.
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    iPad: Kicking Windows back to the office

    iPads eh? Over lunch my colleague at work said "I was thinking of getting an iPad mini for my 3 yr old daughter". WHAT?!?! Just proves my point: consumers are stupid and have more money than sense. He'd spend £270 on something that his kid can do on a £50 Android tablet...just because it's an...
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    If the iPad was late, ran Windows 8, it would fail too

    Let's back up a bit here. The iPad was successfuly because Apple already had traction in the market through sales of the iPhone. Those stupid, technophobic consumers with too much money lapped up the iPhone making it easy for Apple to sell bucketloads of what is essentially the same device, to...
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    Windows 9 Could Kill Metro Completely, Unify Tablet, Mobil

    Touch might not be but what about gesture?
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    Can price cuts and going small save Windows RT?

    Why they didn't just settle for Windows Tablet 8 I don't know. I'm not touching RT with a barge pole til I can run the likes of Opera on it. And I'm sure there are countless waiting for things like iTunes!