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  1. Rolf

    Windows 8 Pricing vs. Chrome OS (Free) and Mac OS X (Just $30)

    Many people probably can find windows 8 at just $30. Students got Windows 7 professional for that price I think. Also, with there were many deals when windows 7 first came out. It wouldn't be surprising that many people will NOT pay more than $100 for their upgrades. There's also the issue...
  2. Rolf

    Possible skype intergratoni with the release of 8?

    I thought Windows Live Call was removed from their newest Windows Live Essentials Suite.
  3. Rolf

    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    Hoping for Windows Media Player 13 with native support for MKV in Windows Media Foundation.
  4. Rolf

    Working Antivirus for Win8

    Has anybody used Malwarebytes free version? Let me know whether it works.
  5. Rolf

    Previewing ‘Windows 8’

    I wonder what features windows 7 will have that windows 8 won't. Otherwise I don't see a need to dual-boot...:smug:
  6. Rolf

    The mystery of Windows 8 and the new 'Protogon' file system

    I guess this might replace WinFS? Protogon though sounds like a developmenting name (like Paragon+Prototype). Maybe it will have a new name later.
  7. Rolf

    Windows 8 Comes with a Tight Leash for OEMs - Microsoft Imposes Strict Restrictions

    This is actually a good thing. With Windows 7, because they imposed more restrictions, people were able to get a better experience with less crapware because of the regulations. I found that a past Vista Acer laptop of mine was so "tweaked" by Acer that some windows updates actually refused to...