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  1. robinb9

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    So why on all my windoes 8.1 machines including surface pro is it not asking to domthe upgrade?
  2. robinb9

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    Not one of my 2 pcs running windows 8,1 pro nor my 3 latps running same have asked for the windows upgrade to 10, one of them the icon disappeared, not even my surface pro 3 has asked for the upgrade yet
  3. robinb9

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    On my asus tablet i never got the popup to reserve windows 10 nor the icon in the bottom of the taskbar. It is running 8.1 home. Al security and updates are up to date And i do not have the folders you are all talking about, so why can't this tablet get windows 10.?
  4. robinb9

    June 9th 2015 Windows Updates

    All updates on so far 2 tablets 2 laptops installed fine, tomorrow i do the 3 desktops
  5. robinb9

    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    I have 3 tablets 1 asus vivotab running windows 8.1 64 bit, 64 gigs 1 gig memory 1 Surface pro 3.0 128 gigs 4 gigs memory i won on microsoft community connections contest 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series running windos 8.1 pro 4 gig memory 500 gig hs intel pentium, which I absolutely love. I...
  6. robinb9

    Surface Pro 3, Pro 2, and Pro Firmware and Driver Packs

    I just got a firmware update for my surface pro 3, wonder if it is in for preperstion for 10
  7. robinb9

    Trenton computer festival

    If you are near Ewing Nj or not far from it, this is the schedule, my part anyway, for the Trenton Computer Festival, next week March 21. The event is all day from 9-4pm, mine is at 11:20 AM
  8. robinb9

    Solved What happened to windows ten forum??

    Found it, computer glitch
  9. robinb9

    Solved What happened to windows ten forum??

    ok i cannot get to the windowstenfourm whynot? robin
  10. robinb9

    Trenton computer festival

    Did it last yr and the yr before, doing it next month, and thank you
  11. robinb9

    Trenton computer festival

    I am again doing a seminar at the Trenton Computer Fair, which is held at the Trenton College of N J on March 21. My seminar will be on Computer Safety and Tips and Tricks using windows 8.1 and a peak preview of Windows 10. My presentation starts at 11:20 am You can see it here. Trenton...
  12. robinb9

    New February 2015 Updates for Windows Available

    I had no oroblems with it on my 8.1 laptops or desktops but it caused havic on too of my windows 7 pro, it is now hidden till there is a fix
  13. robinb9

    Update failure - KB3001652

    Looks like they pulled it because i just started doing updates on my win 8.1 and this update is not there on any of my machines
  14. robinb9

    has anyone set up the Mail in windows 8

    This is windows live mail, it is inside windows live essentials, just uncheck everything else and check windows live mail and allow it to install
  15. robinb9

    Solved Metro apps will not open on windows 8.1

    I did do those, what i did try is made a local account. This seems to be working. If it continues i will delete the first account. Thanks Robin