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    Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop

    Since no replies have a look here first: I need a windows 8 ISO file [Solved] - Windows 8 - Windows 8 Rich
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    Crash on Startup, and I don't know how to fix it.

    Start here: System recovery disk and boot options - Windows Help If you need more help, ask as there is plenty of it from very knowledgeable members. Rich
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    Solved Can not display desktop PDF files

    Your quickest solution is to try another free PDF reader: Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader My guess is that your Adobe installation went awry and is preventing a re-install. If you still want to use Adobe, download Revo Uninstaller and use it to uninstall any remnants of Adobe. Then try...
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    Dell 660s Won't Boot, Hard Drive Locked, How Do I Unlock

    Is the boot disk seen by your system? If not, you are experiencing the "UEFI" syndrome. Check out the link below:
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    Windows 7/8/8.1 Search MISS FILES! why does it happen?

    Suggest you try Search Everything.,d.cWc Rich
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    Command Prompt keeps popping up and disappearing?

    For starters, go to desktop and press Windows Key and R and type in msconfig. Look for Startup tab and disable all programs. Close and restart your system. If that cures the problem then it is one of those programs you disabled. For more on the msconfig tool just Google it. Rich
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    My PC won't start after 8.1 upgrade. Very frustrating.

    If you mean log-in password, then you could hook up corrupt drive as slave and fetch your files assuming there are no other issues with that SSD. Rich
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    "Garbled" text when opening PDF documents

    There are other free pdf readers. I would try another one and see if the same issue occurs. I use Nitro but check out these others: Five Best PDF Readers Rich
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    SSD Hybrid drive installation

    Since there are no responses, I'll give it a try by including this from the WD site: Microsoft Windows 64-bit Operating Systems and WD productsAnswer ID 1430 | Last Updated 10/09/2014 Share Print Email this page External Hard Drives Our external hard drives should work with 64-bit...
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    Laptop no display on boot then turns off 20 seconds later.

    Check the ram sticks anyway. Rich
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    Clean-Up Image is Unknown 8.1

    You are running with Elevated Command? Review link below to make sure. Rich
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    Cant Login in win8, but can login safe mode just fine.

    Can you get into Advanced Options as shown in link below? From there you can try Automatic Repair or System Restore.How To Boot Into Windows 8.1 Safe Mode [Guide] | Redmond Pie Rich
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    Applications won't start; program file cannot be found

    Uninstall both programs, reboot and re-install programs. Would also recommend Scan Disk and SFC. Rich
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    Windows 8.1 Pro stuck on Undoing Changes

    If you have an optical drive you might try booting with an ISO downloaded from here: Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help Unless one of our gurus comes up with other suggestions, you may have no other alternative than to reformat and do a clean install. Rich
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    Boot up extremely slow and tried everything

    Excellent step-by-step for clean boot diagnostic procedure: How to perform a clean boot of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to diagnose issues | Winaero Rich