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    Office 2010 available?

    Have you checked ebay? office 2010 | eBay
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    Microsoft to buy Nokia's Devices and Services unit

    Good analysis IMO. Nokia had too much control over the Windows Phone platform and, as they admitted, they do not "have the resources to fund the required acceleration across mobile phones and smartphones." Msft had to take action to avoid the possibility of Nokia "jumping ship," not accelerating...
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    Office 365 outage Thursday night

    It was a short outage in my case. Office 365 is the best thing, from an IT perspective, to happen to my small business. Having video conferencing, file access/editing, email access, and client data anywhere, anytime, on any device has improve business operations and productivity.
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    A few days with Windows RT - comments, questions

    There is no Chrome browser for RT. You are stuck with IE10. And, yes, RT does have a desktop. That is where all the tools like the Control Panel and programs like Word run.
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    Is Microsoft on the right track with Windows 8.1?

    Only time will tell, but here is one take. Full article: http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-81-21st-century-windows-31
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    Solved WP8 Navigation Review

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920, but I'm not a heavy user of Here Drive+. For my occasional usage, it has worked well -- pinpointed me quickly, located where I wanted to go, used a good route, and the voice turn-by-turn was good. I have read where some heavy users are not happy with it. I'm in the US also.
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    Microsoft launches Surface RT discount for schools

    Good for MSFT. This one of the same ways Apple got their foot in the door in their early days -- inexpensive purchase by schools. Students get use to them and often continue to use the product after they graduate.
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    Metro IE needs improvement

    One of the things I don't care for in IE10 is having the address bar at the bottom. I personally like it at the top like every other major browser.
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    Microsoft to cut Windows RT cost for vendors, says report

    Good news for my pocket book. RT is a super OS that I use daily, but would love a seven inch tablet that is price competitive with the Nexus 7.
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    Any Windows Phone 8 users here?

    Have and use daily a Nokia Lumia 920 which I got when they went on pre-order. Rock solid and I like Windows Phone 8. Build quality is real good, battery life good, screen is super and so is the camera. Nokia has a couple of really good apps like Drive. I've been using a Windows phone for a...
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    Borders On Metro Tiles

    So that gray tile border has always been there on my Start screen. I did some looking and don't see a way to control its behavior. You might give Stardock's Decor8 a try: Decor8 - Personalize the Windows® 8 Start screen with Decor8™!
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    Windows 'Blue' will leave Microsoft customers seeing red

    Completely agree. Uninstalled Smart8 some time ago once I'd learned the new start menu. Works good as is, IMO.
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    How to put an URL on Metro?

    Hi Burgurne, To my knowledge, there is no way to make IE 10 the default in Metro and Chrome the default on the desktop if that is your question here. I do use both, but to do so I've made IE 10 the default and then have a Chrome button on my taskbar so I can bring up Chrome in the desktop as...
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    How to put an URL on Metro?

    Pretty easy as long as you are using IE 10. Here is a "how to": How to pin Web sites to the Windows 8 Start screen | How To - CNET