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    Microsoft support sucks

    I would not call Microsoft. I think there must be a worldwide network of support whereas your call could be routed to India or any of the Asian countries. This has already happen to me. I do not want foreigners to answer my support questions. I find their accents hard to understand. Some cannot...
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    Reviews of Products and Services

    When I am thinking about purchasing a product or service, I check out the reviews. So how does one determine which reviews are self serving ( those placed by the manufacturer or service organization) and which are legitimate? I recently was searching for an internet provider to replace Verizon...
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    My computer's Windows UI freezes

    This might help. See my post "Does Your Windows Freeze Up" If that does not fix it, then someone else will have to step in.
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    Does Your Windows Freeze Up

    Thought I would pass this on. For weeks, I have been trying to find out why windows would freeze up when I either moved my mouse quickly or jumped from one search to another. I use Yahoo as my search engine. While I was doing this, I had to put up with the Yahoo toolbar hi-jacking my searches. I...
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    Solved Usb 16 gb

    Having two flash drives is a good Idea and I will get another one. My backup using flash drive only took 45 seconds with windows 10. Strange that with windows 7 & 8, it took much longer using cd's. Then again, I may have been backing up other files I was not aware of; even though I checked off...
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    Solved Usb 16 gb

    I just do partial backups. When I was using cd's for backups, the volume would only amount to about 1.2 GB. I back up the following: Desktop,, Music, Documents and Downloads.
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    Solved Usb 16 gb

    I switched from using CD's for backups to USB. So when I do another backup; will the existing backup be updated with new or changed files or do I need to delete the old backup first.
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    Solved Paying To Watch TV Ad's

    Update: Well I decided I do not need their phone service nor their cable. Some of the shows on cable, I can view using the internet and using electronic means to send the signal to my tv. I will not miss getting 230 channels because I do not have 230 televisions. Now I have to wait...
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    What Equipment Do I Need?

    True, But I won't be paying to watch them; that's the difference. Next June, I'll be watching vhf & uhf television with any online shows I can find.
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    What Equipment Do I Need?

    There is a early termination fee that Comcast charges. My service indicates that I am under a 12 month agreement. So it looks like I will need to wait until June 2016 to cancel part of my service.
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    What Equipment Do I Need?

    Thanks. A relative of mine who is a Comcast employee got me signed up and I get 230 channels that cost me 101.00 per month. And getting all these commercials cross the line. Today, I timed their interruption of the programming. After watching 7 minutes of a show, I then got 5 minutes of...
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    What Equipment Do I Need?

    Hello. I am at odd's with my cable provider and I do not think they can solve my problem but I believe that I can. Long story short: I no longer am willing to pay a premium if the networks force commercials on me and as many as 6 in a row. I find that there are TV channels on line. So I...
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    Solved Paying To Watch TV Ad's

    I just posted a message on the "Comcast forum" and would like to know if you agree? here is the message: Hello to all subscribers, You all pay a premium to watch the shows that is not on regular tv ( antenna reception) and the differance is you have to put up with as many as 5...
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    Ccleaner vs SpeedyPc Pro

    Thanks all, I will make a copy of all replies.
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    What's in my OS that's taking so long to scan?

    Not a computer guru but I see that you are using a "Free Virus program". Now windows updates contain some very big files and Your virus program will take longer to scan. So a free virus program is not going to give the same performance as those that you buy. Do you know that "Comcast"...