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    Store doesn't open

    I had the same problem, but a restore point fixed it.
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    VLC app for Windows 8 planned release Monday, March 10

    I can't get it to install all I get is pending.
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    Is this Surface's biggest problem?

    If the surface pro is priced too high why are they so hard to find due to being sold out?
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    Icons pinned to taskbar slows internet speed

    None of them had anything to do with the internet, but it worked.
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    Icons pinned to taskbar slows internet speed

    I use start 8 on both my windows 8.1 desktop and my tablet. My internet speeds were okay, but I wanted more. Based on the speed tests that I ran, it appeared to me that I was on Comcast's performance starter getting download speeds of 7.37mbps and uploads of 15.65. So I called Comcast to see...
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    Digital painter considering getting Windows 8 tablet.

    Tablet PC Forums, Discussion and Support If you search you will find threads concerning your questions.
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    Digital painter considering getting Windows 8 tablet.

    Check out tablet pc forums and Microsoft Surface forum for assistance.
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    Surface Pro 3, Pro 2, and Pro Firmware and Driver Packs

    I just downloaded the firmware, but I'm hesitant to install it, my surface pro is working without any problems, I'll wait for now.
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    Windows Easy Transfer win 8.1 to a win 8.1 machine

    Some years ago I bought an easysuite transfer cable to move files between my desktop running xp and a tablet running Windows 7. When I had to replace both with an hp desktop and Surface pro both running Windows 8.1, I needed to transfer a large number of files between the two so I gave the...
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    Solved HBOGO problems w\ windows 8.1

    A person in another forum indicated that he was having problems with HBOGO after upgrading to 8.1. I went to the HBOGO site and I can hear the video but no picture. The site does not give an error message to indicate the problem. If I go to my xfinity account I can view HBO content. It seems...
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    Gimme my Windows 7 back!

    I hated it too, for the first few days, but after I became accustomed to it, I like it now.
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    Solved copy files from WinXP to Win8 PC's

    I had a similar problem my 11 year old xp desktop computer's motherboard gave up the ghost, so I had to buy a new windows 8 computer. I needed all that data off the old drive so I purchased a hard drive enclosure, now I have access to all my old data.
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    New to windows 8 - just got MS surface pro-give some tips

    This person has been at different forums posting this same questions. Searching and reading are your friends.