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    Windows 8 New UI (Codenamed Mosh) and App Model (Codenamed Jupiter)

    Agreed. I find 7 to be very polished and near perfect in most respects. I am hoping that they don't mess things up with 8.
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    CES: Microsoft shows off Windows 8 on ARM

    Yeah, I can't see MS deserting AMD/Intel (both of which are not focussed on ARM chips) completely. This is more to allow Windows 8 to run on netbooks, which some say are going to be mostly ARM powered in the future.
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    Well I believe it runs on a different version of vBulletin (the forum software), which is why the menus etc. look different to those found on VF/SF (EF actually has more in common to other sites which run the same version of vBulletin).
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    As Windows 8 has not yet been released we can't really help anyone with Windows 8 related issues. This means that it isn't all that fair to rep anyone just because we are here now. Therefore there is nothing to base badges on - so the admin just give them out if they feel like it. Basically -...
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    Most members online?

    Ok - which one of you is responsible for the mouseover text on "Apple"?
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Welcome Bluedragon7!
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    The quote of the day

    :huh: I am not even going to try to comprehend that one...
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    Internet Explorer Usage Share in August

    I have used Firefox ever since getting frustrated with IE6 back in 2004. I have considered switching back to IE - or going to Chrome, however using Firefox now just feels more natural for me than any other browser.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Dropping on in to say "Hi"! Has this forum really been around since a year ago?? That is some serious forward planning.
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    Most members online?

    It sure is quiet here right now - I decided to register before the rush (in a year? or 2?)