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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    @strollin & Bree now you do understand this is a Windows 8 forum, so, no trash talkin' 8 :eek: oh my
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    complete close store apps

    is there a trick or setting that will completely close and flush an app so it is not setting around, ready to pop up? Right now all I seem to do, is use task manager, to completely end the task.
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    I can appreciate that II like 7, I just think 8 just has better touch control than 7
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    I was skeptical when 8 came out, but I learned to love it. Windows 10 makes me feel like I am working on a rainy day.
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    Network review

    Maybe ten,fifteen, or two thousand years ago, I created our home network. If memory serves me correct it was 3 machines with XP that progressed into 7 and 8, and now has11 units . Originally I had my primary machine that was used to create the home private server giving it a name and...
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    Solved WMC Guide discontinuing

    Thank you...but it doesn't support my Silicondust HD Homerun Prive tuners. But the problem has resolved itself, it is now working
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    Solved WMC Guide discontinuing

    Alright we all know that MS no longer supports Windows Media Center (to bad - best program out there) AND that they will discontinue guide service as of Jan 2020. Which is all fine. BUT Every time you access the guide, it now gives you a warning to get an alternate guide service, as they will...
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    How to turn off an app update notice

    I love the MSN Weather app, use it all the time, it is the (old Bing Weather) which still exists on Windows 8. However, when you upgrade to Windows 8.1, it gets upgraded to MSN Weather version 3.0,4.214 and when it launches, it always says there is an update (which there actually is v...
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    Well which is it! 8.1 or 6.3?

    answer 1 ========================= CMD is a command prompt (a program) and it means it is running the 6.3 version and a 32 bit OS version PC info is referring to your operating system Windows 8.1 Pro the 64 bit version that it is correct 2 GIG and 74GIG are referring to the amount of RAM...
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    Buying laptop, any suggestions?

    I will presume you will be using Windows 10.. (not a fan myself) I run Win 8 and Win 7 on most of my machines, but I also use Media Center in our household. I am not a fan of Dell, if you happen to notice, I think they might have the biggest return rate. Go to Newegg and check out the...
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    USB wont boot, set 1st to boot in boot order... Nothing i havent been through 127

    I am a little confused as to what it is you are trying to do? Install new OS? do a repair? boot from USB? if only trying to boot from USB hit F12 at logo screen to bring up boot menu.
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    Breathing Life into Surface Pro 1

    Well I have already re-installed like 5 times, and it wouldn't upgrade. I thought I would keep it as a window 8 machine but one app I use is no longer supported on 8. Does anyone have an answer on the battery question? I think that is the real culprit. Battery detection problems were...
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    Biggest problem with Windows Store

    The biggest problem with the Windows Store apps are, if you purchase them and later, let's say a year from now you re-install and want to reload the same apps, if the app has been discontinued, there is no way that you can acquire it. You are simply screwed. At least with desktop apps you have...
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    Breathing Life into Surface Pro 1

    I got a Surface Pro 1 (1514) for a good price, the unit is almost pristine (almost) I am having 2 different issues that I might get some answers to (I am not familiar with the Surface Line at all) Battery; sometimes it shows not detected, I do all the common fixes online.. it will then show...
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    Need a USB recovery for HP - HP 15-f018ca Notebook PC - Hard disk (3F0) error

    This would be a last ditch effort to get data only, programs would have to be reinstalled Not sure if you are mechanically inclined , but if you are and have access to another pc or desktop; you could remove the drive order this Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking...