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System One Specs

Windows 7 Professional SP1 / Windows 8 Preview
System Manufacturer/Model
Black Mid Tower
[email protected]
Asus Rampage Formula
4X1GB Gskill F2-6400CL5
Graphics Card(s)
ATI Radeon 6950 Vapor-X
Sound Card
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality Extreme Gamer
Monitor(s) Displays
2X Dell 1908FP
Screen Resolution
1280 x 1024
Hard Drives
2 x WD 640GB Black Raid 0
2 X Kingston 64GB SSD Raid 0
PC Power and Cooling 850 SSI Turbo
Lian Li Pc-7B plusII Modded
AC Freezer Pro/4 X 12cm fan
Saitek Gamers KYB
Logitech MX-510
Internet Speed
20 V 5^
Other Info
When Built in Jan 2008 it was a top of the line rig, now it still runs great, droped in a SSD, don't think anything else is worth the effort. Ya gotta love the P/s, cost $~500.00 back then, is 9.5 inches long and weighs a ton, just had it rebuilt last year a month before warranty ran out[5 year].

Logitech 5500 Speakers 5.1