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    Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM – Rumo

    No it hasn't. As far as I can tell certain combinations of font, magnification and settings just look horrible especially in IE11. I did not have this problem in Windows 7. There are a lot of threads about this and many things you can try - I've done them all. ClearType and IE11 font smoothing...
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    Upgrade to windows 8.1 pro from Windows 8

    That comparison chart does not mention another difference between Win 8 Core and Win 8 Pro: If you want to run Windows Media Center you have to be running Pro version
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    Start Menu will reportedly return to Windows 8.1 this fall

    ClearType font smoothing changed in Win 8 to use greyscale antialiasing. In Win 7 ClearType used subtle colors for the antialiasing. Some fonts at certain zoom levels look bad in Win 8.
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    Start Menu will reportedly return to Windows 8.1 this fall

    Its about time! Now if they will also bring Win7 Aero and Win7 ClearType to Win 8.1 they will have a great OS
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    Randomly Blank GUIs in Win 8 desktop

    I have this exact problem! It happens randomly/rarely maybe every other week or so. All the interiors of all the windows turn jet black. You can move them around and they stay black. If you minimize each window and then restore from task bar you can fix them one at a time. I think it started...
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    Latest Windows Essentials Version Released

    Thanks Brink! I got notification of a new version available when I ran MovieMaker and imported a video. After upgrading I can see that MovieMaker is a lot better. Before when I imported recorded TV shows from media center it would get corrupted when I tried to edit them and now that is working...
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    Searching for "~" crashes computer

    104,316 results here. I would run Chkdsk on the drive to make sure its ok and also check event viewer for any errors
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    What Process polls / checks Optical drive?

    I had this exact problem and it drove me absolutely crazy like Chinese water torture. Even when empty every 2 to 15 minutes I would hear the DVD drive go click-click like it was checking itself. The same kind of click-click you would normally hear when you power on the system. Other then that...
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    VB Script not working

    This script runs MS Access on the local computer and commands Access to open a database file located on a network drive on the remote computer. Nothing is executing remotely. Just like running notepad locally opening a text file on the Z: drive. So I don't think you need additional network...
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    VB Script not working

    That is a very simple script and it runs perfect on my system (Win 8 Pro, Office 2007). I setup folder named "C:\1Mostly_Used_Files\Supna\MTS\Paystub to be emailed\" and then dropped a PDF in it named "10-31-2012_Karyn L Treciak$". I clicked on the script file...
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    hauppauge wintv render problem

    I had that exact problem with WinTV, bad flickering when dragging the window. I fixed it by choosing VMR9 as the video renderer and unchecking the 'use hardware acceleration when possible' box and restarting WinTV. Now its perfectly smooth and I detect no loss in performance.