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    Solved Want to network laptops BUT not share internet connection.

    Are you tethering to your respective phones via USB cable or wireless ?? If USB, then you should be able to set up an adhoc wireless network between the two computers. There's also a wired option since they are physically close to one another. I haven't used direct connection in years and...
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    sysprep with CopyProfile=True

    I don't attempt to configure any of the new apps unique to 8 / 8.1, just third party stuff like web browsers and the like. I standardize the browser's start page for example. I never had issues under 8, just 8.1. I'll try it in a few days and see how it comes out.
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    sysprep with CopyProfile=True

    Yeah I found an article somewhere that talks about that, but even that failed before. I'll try it again with the latest ISO. Hopefully it's all working again.
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    How to access computer remotely?

    Your biggest issue is going to be her ISP and her internal network devices. Once those are configured, I'd use RDP if her computer has Pro, or VNC (just my preference) if not. Remote assistance is also an option, though I'm not that familiar with it since everything I support is Pro. I seem to...
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    sysprep with CopyProfile=True

    As I will soon be deploying my first (official) Windows 8.1 soon, I'd really like to be able to sysprep it so the users get a standard profile. The last time I tried, which was some time back, I kept getting failures, as mentioned in a thread I posted at the time...
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    New Windows 8.1 ISOs with November Rollup (Update 3)

    I'm guessing this isn't for Volume subscribers. It'd be nice if it was. I too would like to avoid the mountains of updates.
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 4GB vs 8GB

    As long as it comes in Purple (favorite color of all 8 Granddaughters) it's not a ripoff to me.
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    Solved someone have the same ip address as me

    Pretty sure broe23 is right. They're blocking the whole subnet, not just an IP. The only way you would have the same IP is if you are behind a NAT device, the same NAT device that the offending user is behind. Let me bring this up as well; You don't say how you are connected to the Internet...
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    Unexpected devices appear in Devices and Printers

    I occasionally see seemingly random devices show up as well on some of my herd here. I can always sort out what they are though since I know my network well. Having said that; Windows found these devices over the network at some point. From what you've described, it sounds like the office is...
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    Partitions on Flash drive help

    I agree with frozwire; A separate drive for image / partition backup is best. Store it in a safe place, and if you can afford two of them, do it twice and hand the second one over to a trusted friend so it's stored offsite.
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    Win 8.1 won't connect to internet, will connect to network

    From your second post, it appears the cable in the wall is at fault. Have your installer check it again. Probably a flaky termination. Could also be a flaky port on the switch, though. Easy to determine which by swapping to a different port at the switch to see if that remedies it.
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    Solved Windows 8.1 eval ISO problems / activation problems

    Solved; I found a discussion about Windows Update not updating if the computer was booted into Audit Mode, which has become so routine to me I didn't even give it a second thought. However after reading that I decided to try again and go through the OOBE this time. That worked. It has auto...
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    Solved Deploying Win8.1ToGo - custom image/multiple sticks

    I want to say the message you're getting is close to the same as mine, but not exactly. I've slept since then so....... What all do you have in the specialize pass ??
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    Solved Windows 8.1 eval ISO problems / activation problems

    UPDATE; I booted to Puppy Linux on live USB and downloaded again. This time I appear to have gotten a clean download because I was able to copy it to a USB drive and install from it, two computers in fact. Sadly, I still get the "expired" message on both. As far a licencing goes, we're...