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    SkyDrive has stopped uploading files - Win 8.1 Pro x64

    From the past week or two, SkyDrive has stopped uploading files. There are about 400 files to upload and from the past week or two, it just says "Pending" below the files. And sometimes, I get a popup which says "SkyDrive Sync Engine Host is restarting." Please help me!
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    Taskbar thumbnails disappeared.

    Just noticed today that on hovering in the taskbar, thumbnail previews don't show but just a line of text. This has started from a couple of days. In between, randomly, the preview will show up. But mostly it is not over the past couple of days. Any ideas? 8.1 Pro x64
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    My very best tweak ever for Windows 8.1 performance!

    You went down from 8.1 to 8.0 and are using 310.90 drivers? I'm using 8.1 with 331.x drivers (bootcamp) and it is still flying for me. :P
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    Tabbed file explorer for Windows 8?

    What is WindowTabs? I didn't understand what it does.
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    Tabbed file explorer for Windows 8?

    This is pretty good but little unstable. Causes explorer.exe crashes sometimes. Found another one QTTabPro but it didn't look as awesome as Clover. So I'll just wait till Clover becomes more stable :P
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    Tabbed file explorer for Windows 8?

    Is there a utility which integrates with Windows 8's File Explorer and gives tabs? I don't want dual pane. Just tabs. And I want it to integrate with Windows 8's own File Explorer preferably.
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    Solved PDF files don't show thumbnail previews

    I tried this. Didn't work for me. Anyways, I am back to Foxit as the latest version of Foxit generates thumbnails :D
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    Driver Power State Failure

    I just got a BSoD with the error as DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. I have attached the logs. Also, I was googling for this and one site told to run sigverif. The output for that is also attached. The second and third one are okay because I allowed them to install. They are a custom trackpad...
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    Bugcheck reboot

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    Bugcheck reboot

    Logs attached.
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    High disk usage leading to slow responsiveness

    Thanks for the reply. Sorta suspected that and ran a s.m.a.r.t. test and it reported okay. Then, I took it to AppleCare and he did a whole bunch of tests and found hard drive sectors to be corrupted. Getting a new HDD now. Surprised this happened exactly a year after purchase. Are hard drives...
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    High disk usage leading to slow responsiveness

    Did a clean install of Windows and the problem still persists :'( HELP PLEASE!!
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    High disk usage leading to slow responsiveness

    I uninstalled Reliance 3G and the situation is slightly better now. Still, games don't play smoothly and videos keep getting stuck. Any other ideas?
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    High disk usage leading to slow responsiveness

    Okay. The file location pointed to the location where the software for my Reliance 3G dongle is located. And I was using the Internet through that when I posted this. And it is something I use most of the time to connect to the Internet most of the time (even before the issue started). Any other...