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    No more canned air for me !

    I have one at work, works great. Outrageously loud though.
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    Chrome is pretty meh also

    My experience with Chrome had been great. Very few problems after years of use.
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    Which imaging apps support UEFI, GPT and Secure Boot?

    Yes, I am. Secure boot on, uefi, and GPT partitioning. I switched from Acronis to Paragon right when 8 came out. I think I had the 12 version and now the 14 version and both have worked great.
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    Any June 2015 Updates To Avoid ?

    Many of us update 8 and 8.1 without issue. Jumping ship to an Apple may or may not be helpful. I have a Mac, and it's a different animal altogether. Some things I like, some things I don't. I'm not blown away by it in any way. And I'm not going Apple only in the future. In fact, i'm...
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    Which imaging apps support UEFI, GPT and Secure Boot?

    I've been using Paragon backup and restore home and it has worked for all of those things.
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    Checking for updates is necessary?

    Wait a week or so after new updates are released. I've update hundreds of computers at work for years and almost never an issue with updates.
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    must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

    If you had to upgrade from 7 to 8 first, then the upgrade would NOT be free as the upgrade to Windows 8 is not currently free. From what I have read, the link to upgrade will be present right in Windows 7 via Windows Update. This link shows direct upgrades from 7 to 10 Here's how Windows 10...
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    must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

    That is end of maintstream support. Meaning that after that date, Microsoft won't be adding in any new features into the OS. This page describes the differences between mainstream and extended support: Extended support is what most people...
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    must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

    There are direct upgrade paths from 7, 8 and 8.1. Windows 10 Is Almost Here: Here As far as support for previous versions of the OS, XP was supported for a very long time. Here is the link that shows Vista will have support until April 11, 2017, Windows 7 has support until Jan 14, 2020...
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    Unable to Change IP Address Windows 8.1 Pro

    Create another admin user on the PC and try logging in with this user and see if you can make the changes.
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    must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

    Nope, you can upgrade from 7 and up.
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    Checking for updates is necessary?

    The updates are published for a reason. You are taking unnecessary risks by not running the updates to fix known security vulnerabilities. I always stay up to date, and I update hundreds of computers at work, and rarely have any problems caused by an update. Updates fix security issues, fix...
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    How long can my GPU Run ?

    It should cool itself sufficiently to not have to worry about it. They will slow down if they get too hot. If your case seems hot, put in some extra case fans. Play more, worry less.
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    Please explain start menu philosophy!

    Install classic shell. It goes back to way 7 was. Never bother with the tiles screen again.
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    Best way to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 pro.

    Which is exactly why this $50 key is going to give you problems in the future. It's been sold to more than 1 person and when multiple of you keep activating it, it's going to get shutdown. Just spending the $99 on the Pro Pack upgrade would have been a much better idea.